Ryan Reynolds Confirms TJ Miller Is Not In X-Force

There has still been no official comment acknowledging T.J. Miller's alleged behavior, but Deadpool 2 star and producer Ryan Reynolds confirms Miller will not appear as Weasel in the upcoming X-Force movie.

Miller has been the subject of much debate and scrutinization lately. Last year, the 36-year-old actor was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in college. Rumors indicated that many Hollywood players had known about the incident for some time and simply chose to ignore it, or did not believe there was any validity to the accusations. Last month Miller was again accused of misbehavior, this time the actor was arrested for allegedly calling in a fake bomb threat while on a train. He was said to be quite intoxicated at the time of the incident.

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During an interview with The New York TimesReynolds seemingly revealed that the team behind Deadpool had had enough of Miller's antics. Reynolds refused to comment on Miller or the accusations in any sort of detail, but he did confirm that Miller will not be present in the Deadpool spin-off, X-Force. While this is likely seen as a win by those who hoped to see some justice done for Miller's alleged crimes, it's also very likely that this was the natural progression of the films. Miller's character, Weasel, inhabited more of a supporting role and could have been left out of the X-Force film in order to focus on new heroes regardless of the accusations against the actor.

Following the initial accusation of sexual assault against Miller, many fans of the Deadpool franchise called for the actor to be replaced. When the subject was broached in interviews, however, producer Lauren Shuler Donner confirmed that Miller would not be recast as the film was in its final stages of editing. At the time, Donner left Miller's overall fate in the franchise up to the studio.

Hollywood has been quite busy purging the entertainment industry of dangerous abusers, obviously beginning with producer Harvey Weinstein. Since then, many powerful names in the business, including Louis C.K., Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski and Charlie Rose have all been forced to face fallout for their decades of abuse. Ridley Scott set a precedent for removing problematic actors from a project when he infamously edited Kevin Spacey out of All The Money in the World last year and replaced him with Christopher Plummer. Plummer was nominated for an Academy Award for his work on the reshoots.

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Source: NYT

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