T.J. Miller to Never Return to Silicon Valley, Criticizes Producer

TJ Miller in Silicon Valley Season 4

Following his unexpected exit from Silicon ValleyT.J. Miller has opened up a little further about his permanent leave from the HBO show -- while setting aside plenty of time to single out his contentious working relationship with network producer Alec Berg as the reason why. Ever since initially airing in 2014, the Mike Judge co-created production has quickly risen in the ranks of top premium cable programs, thanks in no small part to its all-star cast of comic performers -- most notably including the Pied Piper team led by Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, Zach Woods, and Miller.

Considering the fact that Judge has already come forward to offer to his own concerns over replacing Miller moving forward into season 5, fans of the exiting comedian's four season run as the boisterous tech guru Erlich Bachman will likely miss his presence. Furthermore, Miller has just come forward to further explain his unexpected departure -- an exit that will apparently be permanent considering Miller's feelings toward the show's producer.

In a recent interview with THR, Miller stated that he does not intend to make any future appearances on Silicon Valley as Erlich Bachman, and cites his less-than-satisfactory working relationship with producer Alec Berg as one of the main reasons why. Berg is a longtime TV comedy producer himself -- with credits including work on the NBC classic sitcom Seinfeld and its spiritual successor Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO. Nevertheless, Miller became increasingly disenchanted with Berg's oversight on the cyclical nature of the show's scripts, stating:

Thomas Middleditch Kumail Nanjiani Martin Starr and Zach Woods in Silicon Valley Season 4

"The only thing that you can talk down about the show and about Alec Berg, the showrunner for the first couple years, is that it’s cyclical. If they fail, then they succeed, and then if they succeed, they fail. It’s over and over. That’s an old type of sitcom. That’s Seinfeld, where Alec Berg used to work. It’s recycling, it’s network. This is HBO. And so I thought, what if suddenly the whole thing changed?"

Miller's desire to shake things up before they got stale on Silicon Valley is in keeping with past comments about his departure, though his comments about the producer being an obstacle are new, as the actor went on to lament:

"I think that in television you usually have one element that is very challenging, very frustrating. It’s an obstacle, right? So you’re doing the best work that you can do. Alec was that for me, and I think I was that for Alec."

Miller then went to on to declare that, "I will never be on ‘Silicon Valley’ again," leaving fans of Erlich Bachman forced to say goodbye to the character once and for all. For all intents and purposes, the final shot of Bachman will remain one that seems very fitting for the character -- no matter how much viewers might pine for his return.

Silicon Valley season 5 will premiere on HBO sometime in 2018.

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Source: THR

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