Deadpool 3: T.J. Miller Doesn't Know If He'll Return [UPDATED]

UPDATE: T.J. Miller has since released new Tweets in which he backtracks his confirmation of not being in Deadpool 3, reiterates that he wasn't planned to be included in X-Force, and explains that there aren't any concrete plans either way for Deadpool 3. Thus, he doesn't know whether or not he'll be in it yet. His Tweets are below.

T.J. Miller confirms he won't reprise his role as Weasel in Deadpool 3. Though the comedic actor was a prominent presence in the first two installments, his future with the franchise has now been thrown into doubt. In 2017, Miller was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in college and was arrested earlier this year for calling in a fake bomb threat on a train. There's no denying Miller was a strong fit for the Deadpool brand (and played off Ryan Reynolds very well), but the mounting number of personal issues made it difficult for the filmmakers to keep around.

Indeed, it looks like there are already being steps taken to erase Weasel from the property. Not only did the character's role in this year's Deadpool 2 appear to be altered, Reynolds confirmed back in May Miller would not be part of the upcoming X-Force spinoff from director Drew Goddard. Now, it looks like Miller has moved on, as he won't be returning for a third entry in Wade Wilson's solo series.

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In a Twitter exchange (via DanielRPK), Miller ended the conversation by definitively stating he's not in Deadpool 3. Check out the post in the space below:

Considering previous developments, it isn't entirely surprising this is the case. Fox (soon to be under the Disney umbrella) would like to avoid the negative press that would come with Miller's involvement in future projects, and it's hard to make a case Weasel is an integral part of the formula. Yes, the character had some funny moments and exchanges in the first two movies, but now there are so many characters for Reynolds' cheeky Merc With a Mouth to play off of. The likes of Cable, Colossus, Dopinder, and more all have entertaining dynamics with Deadpool that can be explored in other installments. And since Weasel was just a supporting character, it would be easy enough to explain his absence through a line of dialogue. Knowing the Deadpool brand, the writers would probably come up with a humorous way to work around it.

It's also worth mentioning Deadpool 3 is still a ways from getting off the ground. While Deadpool 2 helmsman David Leitch is rumored to return for the hypothetical sequel, word is X-Force is the top priority and could possibly be the franchise's future. And with the Fox/Disney deal about to become official, there's no telling what direction Wade Wilson and friends will be going in a couple of years from now. Regardless of what transpires, fans can effectively consider Miller's tenure over.

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Source: DanielRPK

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