5 Titles That Would Have Been Better Than Solo: A Star Wars Story

The arguably lacklustre title that is Solo: A Star Wars Story was far less interesting than we were expecting after months of teasing.

The Star Wars universe is expanding, and the latest spinoff following 2016's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the recently titled Solo: A Star Wars Story. While this title gets right to the point regarding which character this film will focus on, its lack of leaving much to the imagination unfortunately makes the reveal slightly anti-climactic (especially considering how many months of buildup led up to this reveal). So, for the simple sake of fan service, there's no harm in suggesting five alternate titles that would have been better than the title on which Lucasfilm ultimately settled.

5. Han Solo: A Star Wars Story

In some cases, it's best to adhere to one simple childhood rule of thumb: "Keep it simple, stupid." And while the upcoming Han Solo film is already taking that to heart with its title, it's fair to say that Lucasfilm could have gone one step further and tacked Han's first name in the title. It's hardly a leap into the creative stratosphere, but simplicity sells, and seeing as this movie could easily be a gamble in the Star Wars universe (recasting classic characters isn't necessarily the secret to winning over fans), getting right to the point would, at least, give casual fans zero room for confusion.

4. The Rebel: A Star Wars Story

When you're tackling the life and times of Han Solo, the overall tone ought to harmonize with the character. So, in finding a title for the character's respective spinoff, keeping things short and cool makes for a solid direction. While The Rebel could easily apply to one of many characters within the Star Wars universe, Han Solo is the ultimate rebel (even though he makes sure to tell Leia in the junior novel Smuggler's Run: A Han Solo & Chewbacca Adventure that he is by no means part of the Rebellion). That said, this "short and cool" approach could also lend itself to other variations on the title, like The Smuggler or The Scoundrel—both of which also sum the character up with single-worded simplicity.

3. Kessel Run: A Star Wars Story

Instead of taking the straightforward approach in titling the new Han Solo movie, delving deeper into the character's backstory could make for an interesting title. Han Solo is famous for the Kessel Run among fans, despite the fact that it's never even been portrayed on screen. That says a lot. So, to maintain some symmetry with the Star Wars spinoff titles, Kessel Run feels appropriate next to Rogue One. Both titles refer to something pivotal in the plot (a military call-sign, a famous smuggling route), so this title lends itself to giving the spinoffs some connective thread, despite their stories being radically different.

2. Han & Chewie: A Star Wars Story

George Lucas himself stated the Star Wars movies are for children. Now, fans will have no problem arguing against this, but no argument can change a film studio's approach to marketing, and if a younger audience is the driving force behind a film's success, then a more youthful angle is inevitable. This brings us to the kid-friendly title alternative: Han & Chewie. Now, this isn't meant to discredit Chewbacca in any way whatsoever, but when you're describing an oversized teddy bear with a crossbow that shoots lasers, chances are likely that kids will flock.

1. Smuggler's Run: A Star Wars Story

Leading up to the 2015 release of The Force Awakens, Disney-Lucasfilm Press released a book series titled Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. One of the junior novels included in the series revolved around none other than Han Solo, titled Smuggler's Run: A Han Solo and Chewbacca Adventure. So, when it comes to finding title inspiration for a film about Han Solo, Chewbacca, and smuggling, why fix what isn't broken. Smuggler's Run could easily translate to the silver screen, seeing as the junior novel from which the title is being taken isn't exactly sacred territory within the Star Wars universe/fandom. It's the kind of title that is vaguely (albeit character-appropriately) suggestive; something franchise fans would easily comprehend.

Solo: A Star Wars Story will hit theaters on May 25, 2018

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