Title Logos For Upcoming Marvel Movies

Courtesy of MTV come the logos for the next four superhero movies coming from Marvel Studios. On the left you can see the spiffy graphics for Iron Man 2 (or should I say Iron Man II?) and Thor in 2010, Captain America in 2011 and... The Avengers.

This is as high res a version of the poster as is out there at the moment.

Conspicuous by it's absence is any mention of Hulk 2. I guess they weren't feeling confident about how it would do at the box office... we'll have to see what happens over the next couple of weeks. Also interesting is seeing Thor up there for a 2010 release (which is supposed to be a couple of months after the Iron Man sequel). I say interesting because Jon Favreau thinks there's not enough time to get Shellhead out the door by early Summer 2010. I don't know if the script is done for Thor, but with Matthew Vaughn having dropped out there's still no director picked to helm the Norse god epic.

On the other hand, while Justice League has been tossed about like a rowboat in stormy seas, I have no doubt that The Avengers will make it to the big screen. Marvel has planting the seeds for it in both Iron Man AND The Incredible Hulk and I have no doubt we'll see hints of it in Thor as well.

Source: MTV

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