Titans’ Warren Appleby Tribute Explained

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Titans season 2 premiere episode, "Trigon," ended with a tribute to Warren Appleby, a special effects coordinator on the show who died in a tragic accident during filming. While Appleby is not a household name, he's been invelved with numerous projects that are well-known to the general public.

Appleby's accident occurred at a testing facility in Toronto where the production team tested various stunts and special effects in highly-controlled conditions before attempting to replicate them on the set.  Appleby was in the middle of preparing special effects for Titans season 2, when tragedy struck while he was supervising an effect that involved flipping a car over onto its side. While the effect worked as planned, it did cause a piece of metal to break off of the car, which struck Appleby in the head. EMTs were summoned but Appleby died before he could be transported to a hospital.

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This tragedy brought an end to a long and distinguished career, during which Appleby coordinated special effects for many great directors on a wide variety of television series and films. Appleby's career began in 1994, where he first worked as a special effects assistant on the Robocop television series. He would later become a frequent collaborator of David Cronenberg, working on the special effects for both Crash and eXistenZ. Appleby was also a favorite of Guillermo del Toro, for whom he coordinated the special effects on the sci-fi series Killjoysthe horror drama television series The Strain and the film The Shape of Water.

Coincidentally, the Titans' tribute comes on the same day as the release of IT Chapter Two, which was one of Appleby's final productions before his untimely death. Appleby was the special effects coordinator on that film, as well as 2017's IT. This was not the first time Appleby managed the special effects for a work based on the writing of Stephen King, as Appleby was also the special effects coordinator on 11.22.63 - a Hulu series based on King's novel about a man who goes back in time to avert the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Ignoring what remains of Titans season 2, Wareen Appleby still has some work which has yet to see release. His final work before his death was as the special effects coordinator on the Dave Bautista action-comedy movie My Spy, which is due to be released in theaters sometime in 2020. Appleby is survived by his wife, Jennifer, and two children. Screen Rant would like to join the cast and crew of Titans in offering our condolences to Appleby's family and friends.

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