Titans TV Show Clip Hints At Starfire's New Origin Story

A new DC's Titans TV show clip focuses on Starfire, offering more footage of her using her powers and hinting at the character's origin story.

A new Starfire-centric teaser for DC’s Titans gives fans a hint about the character’s mysterious origin story. With the show set to premiere next month on DC Universe, DC Entertainment’s new streaming service, the company is trying to ramp up the interest. They recently unveiled a new Titans poster featuring the titular team consisting of Robin, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy.

The live action show is based on the New Teen Titans comics by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. The show promises to take the heroes in a darker and gritter direction than either of the previous animated series. The first Titans trailer released during SDCC showed just that, complete with a more violent Robin, and the now infamous “F*** Batman” line. While the show has yet to air it has already stirred up controversy, namely with the character of Starfire. After the release of a couple early Titans set photos, some people grew concerned about the character's costume design. Others found fault with Starfire portrayer Anna Diop, complaining about hiring a person of color to play the orange alien princess. Despite the backlash, Diop has remained excited about portraying her. Now there’s another teaser giving viewers their best look so far of Diop’s Starfire.

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The new teaser released by Newsweek opens with Starfire strapped down in a seedy-looking lab where a pair of scientists look to be experimenting on her. Viewers are treated to more footage of Starfire using her energy blasts, much to the amazement of Beast Boy and Robin. The teaser cuts to a wall covered in various clippings, one of which is written in an alien language Starfire seems to understand.

The brief footage appears to hint that Starfire’s origin story won’t stray too far from the comics. In the comic books, Starfire aka Koriand’r is a princess from the planet Tamaran. Starfire/Koriand’r can harness solar energy which she uses to fly. But after being kidnapped and experimented on, she gains the ability to channel that same energy into destructive blasts. Starfire escapes to Earth, deciding to use her powers to help others.

It remains to be seen if DC has managed to make the live-action adaptation work. While the original trailer got fans talking, viewers remained divided - not just about the edgier approach to the young superheroes. One consistent complaint has been the seeming lack of quality, leaving longtime fans worried about the final product. But audiences could be pleasantly surprised by the show upon its release. For those ready for the Titans debut, there are only a few weeks left to wait.

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Titans premieres October 12 on DC Universe.

Source: Newsweek

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