Titans TV Show Gets October Premiere Date on DC Universe

DC finally confirms when and how Titans will be released. The Teen Titans are among the most beloved youthful comic book teams, but they're not going to be the traditional starry eyed kids in their live-action series. No, DC is taking an adult approach with Titans, as evident by the first trailer dropping the now iconic "F*** Batman" line from the show's lead, Robin (Brenton Thwaites). All of the team members around him have received a similarly more mature take.

Although the marketing may have started off on a controversial note, there's still plenty of interest in checking out Titans - even if it's just to see what is actually going on. The show has long been connected to DC Universe, the company's digital service, but when it would debut exactly wasn't clear. Now that we know when DC Universe launches, Titans' premiere date is out too.

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During DC's live-stream to help introduce DC Daily, host Kevin Smith announced that Titans will premiere on Friday, October 12 on DC Universe. Those who go to New York Comic-Con will get to see the actual debut, as the first episode will be shown on October 3. After the October 12 debut, new episodes of Titans will be released on a weekly basis, until the full 12-episode first season is complete.

The October 12 launch for Titans will mark the show's debut roughly a month after the platform itself launches. With well over two months overall left before the debut, there's plenty of time for more info on the show to arrive. DC also unveiled new photos as part of this live stream, so a new trailer could be on the way too. There's been plenty of looks at Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Robin, but expect a heavy marketing push from DC as they try to ensure their first series is a hit.

It is interesting that they are going with a weekly rollout plan instead of the binge style drop. This will guarantee that fans of whatever show they're watching must stick around for months at a time to see the entire series. However, there's also the argument that not having all of the episodes available at once could allow for some who don't take to the series early on to not see it through. Hopefully, though, Titans will be more than worth the two-month wait for the premiere and then a weekly wait for new episodes.

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Source: DC

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