Titans NYCC 2018 Trailer Highlights Raven's Powers

Titans Teagan Croft As Raven

A new trailer for DC Universe's upcoming Titans series released at New York Comic Con 2018 places a greater focus on Raven's powers than the earlier trailers. The new trailer also examines her role in bringing the Titans together.

One of the original characters created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez for their now legendary revamp of the Teen Titans comics in 1980, Raven was instrumental in creating the New Teen Titans. It was the empathic, magic-wielding heroine who first reached out to established heroes like Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and Beast Boy along with newcomers Starfire and Cyborg to form a new team of teen superheroes that would stand together to face a great evil. A figure of mystery at first, Raven would eventually reveal the origins of her powers and her dark destiny as the daughter of the demon Trigon.

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DC Entertainment released the trailer, which can be viewed below, to their YouTube channel. While the trailer does show several scenes depicted in earlier trailers (such as the savage beating Robin delivers to a number of thugs), it also contains some new scenes, such as Raven's discovery of a caged Beast Boy.

Largely set to the tune of Gerard McMann and Michael Mainieri's song "Cry Little Sister" (i.e. the theme from The Lost Boys), the new trailer has the aura of a music video and the dark tune suits the visual aesthetic of what we have seen of Titans to date. The story of the trailer is also far closer in tone and content to the original opening arc of Wolfman and Perez's New Teen Titans than the first trailer, which was focused on Robin and won a good deal of attention (not all of it positive) for its depiction of a more brutal Dick Grayson. This new trailer should calm the fears of those Titans fans who were fearful the new series might go too far in pushing a mature take on the classic characters.

Thankfully, those Titans fans will not have much longer to wait to see if the show lives up to their fondest dreams or worst nightmares. The series is due to premiere on the DC Universe streaming service next week, with the first episode becoming available to viewers in the United States on Friday, October 12.  International fans will be able to access the series through Netflix, though an international premiere date has yet to be announced.

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