When Does Titans Release on Netflix (Outside The US)?

Titans on Netflix

UPDATE: Titans is now available on Netflix.

The first episode of DC's Titans is now available to United States viewers on the DC Universe streaming service - but just when will international audiences be able to check it out on Netflix? DC Universe currently only operates within the United States and its overseas territories. That's largely because international distribution rights can be problematic, and so Warner Bros. chose to begin with a US-only launch and then gradually expand. The latest reports claim a Canadian version of the app is being tested, but DC has given no timescale for a rollout.

That's a major blow for superhero fans, not least because DC Universe is planned to include a constant stream of original content. Titans is just the first TV series to stream exclusively on the service, with Doom PatrolStargirlSwamp Thing and Harley Quinn all on the way. Fortunately, Netflix has picked up the rights to distribute Titans outside the US and China (Netflix doesn't operate in China).

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With the first episode of Titans now online in the US, though, international audiences can be forgiven for wondering just when they'll get to watch the show. Disappointingly, an official release date has yet to be announced by Netflix. Some had assumed it would drop today, in line with US release - that's the approach Netflix take when it comes to international distribution of the CBS All Access show Star Trek: Discovery. - but evidently, that isn't the case. The first episode is not available on Netflix right now, and the official description only reads "coming soon."

As a result, we can only speculate as to when the episodes will drop. There are really two major possibilities; that the first episode will become available halfway through the season (around November 16 or 23) or at the very end (December 28). Given the format of Titans was designed for a weekly release, it's reasonable to assume international audiences will get one episode every week. Curiously, given DC Universe has recently confirmed a rolling schedule of original content, this delay means that US viewers will have moved on to Young Justice while the rest of the world is still partway through Titans.

The delay will no doubt frustrate international audiences who are eager to experience a new, non-Arrowverse DCTV universe. Now that the first episode of Titans has aired, hopefully the buzz on social media will lead Netflix to announce a concrete release date in short order. We'll let you know as soon as a solid date is confirmed.

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