Titans: The Show's Most R-Rated Moments (So Far)

Robin Actually Tortures His Target

The violence of Robin's first battle crescendos in what is without doubt the most violent, cruel, and excessive act of the entire episode. Robin's target - a man charged with, but later let off for child abuse - flees to his vehicle as the vigilante is breaking through both sides of his drug deal gone wrong. When Robin has dispatched everyone else, he rushes to the car and smashes the driver side window to pieces. At which point he grabs his target by the head, slams his face down into the broken fragments of glass that remain along the bottom of the frame, and pushes.

The blood and screams that result from just a few inches of travel across the glass get the point across just fine. And to prove this isn't about justice, but good old fashioned rage, Robin pulls him from the vehicle and stomps him with both boot and bo staff before leaving.

The "F*** Batman"

The moment every fan has waited for, ever since the first Titans trailer confirmed both its "mature" style and attitude towards Batman by having Robin address his mentor's absence with just two words. But if we're honest, Robin's delivery of "F*** Batman" may have been better off not spoiled in the trailer. When everyone knows it's coming, and is ultimately delivered to nobody but the audience, after all of the fighting has been finished... Well, even Schwarzenegger's best one-liners would have trouble living up these days.

Starfire Kills Her Informant

The most passionate Teen Titans fans were too concerned with whether or not Starfire would get a superhero costume to wonder what would happen if she started killing people almost as soon as she walked on screen. In her defense, "Kory Anders" doesn't really know who she is when she comes to in the first episode of Titans, so it wouldn't be fair to expect her to know how she feels about killing, either. But when the situation calls for it - like when a strange man locked up in her Vienna hotel room claims she's a dead woman for her betrayal - Kory doesn't pull her punches.

In fact, she punches that man clear across her hotel room with force surprising even her. After promising to get the man help for his injuries if he tells her the "girl" she was apparently looking for, she does. If you call grabbing hold of his head and snapping his neck "help."

Starfire Incinerates Her Enemies

The second bit of killing from Starfire is sure to get far more attention, even if she doesn't actually intend to kill everyone else in the room. After discovering that she betrayed her "lover" to get the location of the mystery girl she's seemingly searching for, he channels his anger into a bullet. For her part, Kory does tell him to "Wait!" before he fires his gun, sending the bullet towards Kory in slow motion... before disappearing on impact with the force field surrounding her body.

At which point Starfire's body erupts into an orange glow (green from her eyes), and fire emanates from her hand. Enough fire to engulf the entire room in flames, burning her former lover and his two guards to columns of ash when the fire subsides. Setting the bar fairly high for just how many ways people will be gruesomely killed as Titans continues.


The first episode of DC's Titans is available now exclusively on DC Universe, soon coming to Netflix in international regions.

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