DC's Titans TV Show Set Photo Reveals Anna Diop as Starfire

The first set photo of Anna Diop as Starfire in DC's live-action Titans TV series has surfaced. Later this year, DC will launch their new streaming service and produce a new venue for bringing their comic book characters to life. The live-action Titans will be part of the venture along with a TV show called Metropolis that focuses on Lex Luthor and Lois Lane. Although DC's streaming service doesn't have an official launch date yet, the ongoing filming updates for Titans suggest that it should be sooner than later now.

Casting and plot information for Titans has been slowly trickling in, with reports indicating that Batman will appear in Titans and that Raven will live with Robin. Moreover, Starfire and Beast Boy will start the series out in some sort of asylum, presumably before being rescued by their future teammates. Given that Starfire and Beast Boy are purple and green-skinned in the comics (respectively), it makes sense for them to be singled out on earth - though, those traits might not actually carry over to the show.

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Twitter user teen titans has now posted a photo from the Titans TV show set, revealing Diop in costume as the alien Starfire (see the embedded post below). Given that this is not an official still for the series, it may not reveal her final look and costume. With that in mind, this image does suggest that her outfit will pay homage to her comic book design, while also deviating in noticeable ways.

Though her costume color pays tribute to Starfire from the comics, Diop's version appears to be a more grounded take on the character overall. Not only does she lack the character's signature orange skin and green eyes, her hair color has been changed from orange to pink. Some of the alterations aren't surprising, however, in light of the designs that have been revealed for other characters on the Titans TV show already.

On the other hand, the official publicity photos of Robin and Hawk & Dove on Titans feature very comics-faithful costumes, to the point that they look almost out of place in the modern world of more realistic superhero costumes. It's possible that Starfire will evolve over the course of the series into a more comics-faithful look, but for now it appears that Titans is mixing things up in that respect.

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Titans premieres later this year on DC's streaming service.

Source: teen titans

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