Titans TV Series Will Reportedly Include The Flying Graysons

Canadian actor Tim Campbell's audition tape for the upcoming Titans TV series seemingly confirms the inclusion of the Flying Graysons.

New intel emerges online implicating that the Flying Graysons will indeed appear in the upcoming Titans TV series. The show has already locked in its principal cast, and now the priority is finding the supporting players, which possibly gives us hints at the narrative beats the project will tread once it rolls out next year.

Taking inspiration from the Teen Titans comic books and hit animated series, the live-action adaptation follows the younger generation of DC heroes who are also former sidekicks of bigger superheroes in the mythos led by Brenton Thwaites' Dick Grayson. Eventually taking the mantle of Batman's former protege, Robin the Boy Wonder, Titans will trace the early steps of the character as he is groomed to be the leader of the group living the superhero life despite their young age -- including how his family background may have factored into his journey to become one of DC's most popular hero.


As reported by Omega Underground, an audition tape featuring Canadian actor Tim Campbell for the role of "Ben Crossland" has been revealed online. Earlier Titans character descriptions referred to Dick Grayson as "John Crossland," so Ben is Dick's father. In the short clip, you can see the Hollywoodland star talking to his wife and a young John about some superstition before a "big entrance." Fans know from the comic books that the Grayson family are circus performers, specializing in doing gymnastic stunts, hence the name the Flying Graysons. It sounds like Titans will be showing us a piece of their life on stage to further establish Dick's character. Although, the test script was tweaked a bit and instead depicts the brood as singers instead of being entertainers.

From the dialogue alone, you already get a sense that the Graysons have a close and loving relationship with each other. So if Titan goes about the tragic death of Dick's parents, which seems to be the case given that Tony Zucco seems to also exist in the new narrative, we can expect that the young hero-in-the-making will take it to heart and will possibly be one of his most pivotal motivation to better himself.

It's important to remember, however, that the audition tape is by no means a confirmation that Campbell will eventually play the part of the Grayson patriarch as the gig can ultimately land on someone else's lap. If anything, the intel just confirms that Titans will tread Dick's relationship with his family and depending on how the series wants to spin it, we can either see their deaths in linear storytelling or via a flashback.


No official release date for Titans but it is expected to roll-out sometime next year.

Source: Omega Underground

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