Titans' "F*ck Batman" Line Is Brilliant Marketing

Robins "f*ck Batman" line from the Titans trailer may be controversial amongst fans, but it's exactly what the DC Universe show needs. We explain why.

Robin Fuck Batman Titans Marketing

The first trailer for the upcoming DC television show Titans made waves after it featured a brooding Robin declaring, "F*ck Batman." After the trailer premiered at Comic-Con, the controversial comment had a mixed response from DC fans  — but it also created a lot of attention and raised the profile of Titans through the press that it generated.

Titans, which is set to air later in 2018, is a live-action show that follows the Teen Titans, a group of young superheros led by Robin, the Boy Wonder. While the Teen Titans have starred in several animated television series, including the recent Teen Titans Go!, Titans offers a new and gritty approach to the classic DC characters, including Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire.

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The trailer for Titans introduces the masked Robin in an intense and bloody fight scene. One of Robin's adversaries makes a comment about Batman; in response, Robin pummels the group of armed men, even stepping on one of their necks, before uttering, "F*ck Batman," perfectly establishing everything audiences need to know about the show.

"F*ck Batman" Did Exactly What Titans Needed It To

After the Titans trailer aired, Robin dropping the F-bomb became a headline and a conversation. Fans debated whether or not swearing fit Robin's character, whether or not the show could successfully deliver on its dark tone, whether or not it was unnecessarily provocative or accidentally humorous, and what comic book stories Titans might pull from, if any. It's a meme-worthy moment, instantly becoming an internet catchphrase with celebrities even weighing in to offer commentary, including David Mazouz, the Batman actor on Gotham, who responded: "Screw you too".

That may look like something approaching a "controversy", but it's really exactly what Titans needs. Regardless of the specific reactions of fans, actors, and writers, that the trailer got people talking about Titans meant that it did its job well. It may not be true that all press is good press, but in the case of Titans, the trailer propelled it from a relatively unknown upcoming show to one of the major stories of Comic-Con 2018. If the job of a trailer is to encourage people to tune in to watch a show, then the Titans trailer promised that fans and haters alike will watch the pilot to learn more about the brooding Robin they saw at Comic-Con. Robin saying, "F*ck Batman," was an explosive moment that Titans needed.

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