Donna Troy & Jason Todd Confirmed For DC's Titans TV Show

Geoff Johns has confirmed that two more major DC superheroes will be appearing in the Titans TV series; Donna Troy, a.k.a. Wonder Girl, and Jason Todd, the second Robin. DC's Titans TV series is intended to be the flagship show of their new DC Universe streaming service, which is slated to premiere later this year.

The TV show stars a host of young heroes, ranging from a dark and brooding Robin to the alien princess who calls herself Starfire. But there have long been rumors that other key characters would appear in the series; notably, Wonder Girl and Jason Todd, the second Robin. The former is believed to be played by Conor Leslie. The latter was confirmed last month, when set photos revealed Curran Walters wearing a distinctive red hood.

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Speaking at a spotlight panel at SDCC 2018, producer Geoff Johns finally confirmed that both Wonder Girl and Jason Todd are in the TV show. In the comics, Wonder Girl actually joined the Titans; in contrast, Jason Todd could just as easily be an antagonist as an ally. Johns deliberately avoided giving any details as to the role these two characters will play in the show.

The addition of Donna Troy and Jason Todd adds a lot of depth to the Titans universe. Donna's backstory has been changed many times, with major retcons woven into it in just the last year, so it's impossible to know what origin story Titans will use for her. The one consistent fact, though, is that Donna has pronounced ties to Wonder Woman. That makes her another "Legacy" hero, similar to Robin, and her presence in Titans strongly suggests that a version of Wonder Woman herself exists in this universe.

Jason Todd, too, is a character with a rich history - but his is rather more consistent. Jason was the second Robin, Dick Grayson's successor as the Boy Wonder, but he was nowhere near as popular with readers. In 1988, DC Comics launched a unique arc called "A Death in the Family," one that could actually have had two different conclusions; comic book fans could call two different numbers in order to vote on whether or not Jason should survive an encounter with the Joker. They voted against him, and Jason was killed off. Jason was resurrected in 2004 by Judd Winick, who revealed that he'd been raised from the dead by Ra's al Ghul. Twisted and corrupted, Jason became first a crime lord and then a brutal vigilante. He blamed Batman for everything he'd suffered at the Joker's hands, and was furious at the fact Batman never avenged him by killing the Joker. Although Jason's now more of an antihero than an outright villain, his relationship with Batman remains strained. This portrayal proved far more popular, with the character serving as a spotlight on one of the most difficult moral questions behind superheroes: Why don't they kill?

As regards Titans, it's too soon to say whether Jason will be an ally or an antagonist. Set photos have shown him wearing the distinctive red hood, so clearly he's no longer a Robin; but at this stage, it's impossible to say whether he'll be a crime lord or a dangerous, murderous vigilante.

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Source: Geoff Johns

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