Jason Todd Takes On Dick Grayson In Titans TV Show Clip

The first full clip from the DC Universe's Titans TV show pits Jason Todd's Robin against Dick Grayson's Robin in their first live-action meeting.

Titans Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson and Curran Walters as Jason Todd

The first full clip from DC Universe's new Titans TV series pits Robin against Robin, as Jason Todd confronts Dick Grayson with the news that he will be replacing Grayson as Batman's sidekick. This scene is notable not only as the first glimpse of the series outside of its first trailer from SDCC, but also the first time that two Robins have interacted in a live-action production. Indeed, Curran Walters is the first actor to play Jason Todd in live-action.

Based upon the legendary New Teen Titans comic book run of writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez, Titans offers a darker, more mature take on the establishment of the popular superhero team. The new series' angle on the classic characters has already inspired controversy, with the first trailer being far more violent and full of profanity than those who were introduced to the characters through Teen Titans Go! ever expected. The show has also drawn criticism for its costume designs for Raven and Beast Boy, which deviate from the classic appearances of the characters in the comics. Still, the MA-rated Titans has become the flagship of DC Universe's original live-action content and has already inspired a spin-off series, Doom Patrol.

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DC Daily presented the new clip, which can be viewed below. (The Titans scene starts at 2:18.) In it, Jason Todd introduces himself to Dick Grayson as the new Robin before talking about how much he loves being Batman's partner in crime-fighting.

This is largely true to the spirit of the comics of the time, where Dick Grayson did have a major falling out with his mentor and briefly operated as Robin without his permission before taking up the identity of Nightwing. However, the idea of Jason Todd replacing Dick Grayson as Robin before he became Nightwing is an entirely new conceit. This goes a long way to explaining several set pictures released earlier in the week, which suggested an antagonistic relationship between the two Robins. It also suggests there may be some changes to the story so that Titans will not be an entirely straight adaptation of the Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans comic series.

The clip also reveals some surprisingly subtle details, given that most of what fans have seen of Titans to date has been far from quiet. The street clothes worn by Jason Todd and Dick Grayson, for instance, correspond to their costume colors, with Todd wearing a green and yellow jacket and Dick foreshadowing his destiny as Nightwing, with a black jacket and blue shirt. This seems likely to get fans talking, though it remains to be seen if this clip will win over the show's many skeptics.

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Titans premieres on DC Universe on October 12.

Source: DC Daily

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