Leaked Titans Call Sheet Hints At Bruce Wayne

A call sheet for DC's live-action Titans TV show hints at Bruce Wayne. Set to arrive sometime later this year on DC's brand-new streaming service, Titans has finally made its way out of years of production limbo and is well into production for its debut season. So far, we've seen the costumes for Robin and Hawk & Dove, and have received teases of various other characters joining the series.

The Doom Patrol will play a big role in episode 5 of Titans, and the roles of The Chief, Elasti-Girl, Negative Man, and Robotman have all been cast - with each of the actors behind them having an option to recur after The Doom Patrol's titular episode. While Robin and his new team of crime-fighters will naturally be the focus of the Titans TV show, it seems that an appearance by Robin's mentor Bruce Wayne might be in the cards too.

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CBM got their hands on some call sheets for Titans and they are packed with plot information about the show. While there have been several casting updates for the series already, these call sheets (if real) reveal that Bruce Wayne's penthouse will play a big role in the show. Not only does Dick 'Robin' Grayson have scenes there, but it appears that Raven (known as Rachel in the show) will also be living there with Dick. What's more, the existence of the setting could mean that Bruce Wayne and even Batman will play a part in the show.

Dick Grayson as Robin Batman

Other big details from the call sheets include the reveal that both Starfire (Kory) and Beast Boy (Gar) are housed in an asylum of some sort. It also looks as if Reed Birney will be playing a character called 'The Messenger'. Although we're unable to confirm the legitimacy of the information at this time, it does line up with the details revealed in previous reports on Titans.

The titles for Titans' first seven episodes leaked recently, hinting that most of the characters will get the spotlight in an episode bearing their name. Hawk & Dove, Starfire, Doom Patrol, Rachel, and The Messenger are each featured in an episode title, along with Jason Todd. That last name alone was cause for excitement, but it would appear that The Messenger will be another major character on the series.

It has also been reported before that Titans will include flashbacks to Robin's past. A related character description for one "Dave Story" is heavily speculated to be the description for Bruce Wayne/Batman in disguise, suggesting that the series will show how the Caped Crusader came to adopt young Dick Grayson as his son/student. Fingers crossed, more official details concerning Titans' plot will be released soon, and help to shed more light on the situation.

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Titans premieres later this year on DC's streaming service.

Source: CBM

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