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Batman and Robin on Titans

The actor (or, more accurately, actors) who will be playing Batman in DC Universe's Titans has finally been revealed. Bruce Wayne has been seen before on the streaming series, but only from behind and/or in silhouette. The Titans season 1 finale will be something different altogether when it comes to the Dark Knight. As revealed in the Titans season 1 finale trailer, Robin and Batman will face off in Gotham City because Batman has (apparently) killed nearly every major villain in his rogues' gallery - including The Joker.

The Batman and Robin face-off is something that Titans has been leading up to since the very first episode. Brenton Thwaites' Dick Grayson begins the series by breaking away from his mentor (expressing an infamous expletive in the process) and worried that he's become far too violent. Titans has managed to create a lot of friction between the former dynamic duo without having the two characters interact on-screen. Even though the finale will see them battle, fans might not want to expect too much of a personal interaction between Batman and Robin based on who is playing the famous vigilante.

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It was revealed through his own Instagram account that stuntman Alain Moussi will be playing the role of Batman in Titans' season 1 finale. Moussi won't be alone either. He'll be joined by his fellow stuntman Maxim Savarias. The two actors will be splitting the role evenly in the finale, which almost certainly puts to bed the rumors that Lewis Tan would play Batman.

While this reveal might be disappointing for some, it does reveal quite a lot of Titans' plans for Batman, at least as far as the season 1 finale. While it's definitely possible that one of the stuntmen will have a speaking role in the finale, it's unlikely. It's almost impossible that both stuntmen will speak as that would completely break the suspension of disbelief. Titans can conceivably show Moussi and Savarias in the cape and cowl as only their chin will be showing, but the two will undoubtedly have wildly different voices even if Batman uses a voice modifier.

Ultimately the casting of Batman on Titans seems to confirm that the series will be going for a much more of a physical impact with Batman than an emotional one. The finale will likely have a lot more scenes of Robin and Batman trading blows than having an emotionally honest conversation. While the Titans season 1 finale trailer does have several shots of Batman, almost all of them are from behind. The Dark Knight is very much a figure in the shadows. While this could've been just a way to tease Batman, it's probably more emblematic of Batman's appearance in the finale than anything else. This is just speculation but Moussi and Savaris were likely cast for their physical talents not their acting prowess, which means Batman will probably look very cool in the finale but not be much of a talker.

It is unclear how permanent Moussi and Savaris' time as Batman will be on Titans. Assuming the Batman vs. Robin finale isn't just as a dream, as many have suspected, perhaps the actors will get a chance to continue their role as Batman into season 2. Fans just shouldn't probably expect to get enough time with them to be able to accurately rank in them in the list of live-action "Batmen."

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Titans season 1 finale, "Dick Grayson," will debut Friday, December 21 on DC Universe.

Source: Alain Moussi

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