DC's Live-Action Titans TV Show Originally Included Batgirl

DC Universe's live-action Titans TV show included Barbara Gordon aka. Batgirl at one point in the development process. Last month, DC Entertainment launched their own online media hub, called DC Universe, where fans can watch both live-action and animated content, as well as read comics published by the company. To make their service more enticing, DC Universe is also planning a number of original projects, the first of which to debut will be Titans. In fact, DC Universe has so much confidence in the TV show, Titans was renewed for season 2 before the series even premiered.

But, Titans wasn't always set up at DC Universe. Prior to the announcement of DC's streaming service, the live-action Teen Titans TV show was in the works for TNT. However, TNT passed on Titans due to script issues and oversaturation of superhero movies and TV shows. But, the television series developed by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti eventually found a home at DC Universe. Now, fans will soon get a chance to see Titans for themselves when it launches later this week, but it will be a slightly different version of the show than what existed at one point.

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During a roundtable interview with Screen Rant and other publications during New York Comic Con - where Titans held its world premiere - Goldsman spoke about how it had evolved over the years from a movie to a TV show. While the core story of Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) leaving as Batman's sidekick has stayed the same, an earlier version of Titans included Batgirl. Goldsman said:

It has moved around a little bit based on its home. There was some Batgirl in it for a long time, there was a lot of Barbara Gordon in it up through the TNT iteration.

It doesn't come as much of a surprise that Batgirl would be considered to appear in a show following the Teen Titans, since she's crossed paths with the team before in various DC properties. Undoubtedly, fans would have enjoyed seeing a live-action version of Barbara Gordon be included in this television show. However, Batgirl was inevitably removed from DC Universe's Titans and it doesn't seem likely she'll make a future appearance. When asked whether Batgirl could show up in a future season of Titans, Goldsman indicated it won't happen. He said, "I don’t think so, not for a lack of hunger."

In his explanation, Goldsman hinted the reason Batgirl won't appear in Titans is due to the movie side of DC developing the character for her own solo film. Warner Bros. and DC Films originally tapped Joss Whedon to develop the Batgirl movie, but the writer-director departed the project earlier this year. Despite that setback, the studio has still been actively working on bringing Batgirl to the big screen. Further, recent rumors indicated DC may be working on a Batgirl solo TV show for the streaming service, which would position her as a lead rather than a supporting star or part of an ensemble. So, although Batgirl may have been part of Titans at one point, it looks like the DC superhero team won't be crossing paths with Barbara Gordon anytime soon.

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Titans season 1 premieres Friday October 12 on DC Universe.

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