DC's Titans Live-Action Series Reportedly Casts Wonder Girl

Another famous comic book character has joined DC's Titans series as Donna Troy aka. Wonder Girl has been cast. The live-action series, which will launch on DC's yet-to-be-named streaming platform, has been a huge topic of discussion among fans. Sadly, the buzz hasn't always for the right reasons.

Very little is confirmed about Titans, other than what characters will be appearing, but a lot of criticism has still been leveled at the show. The most controversial conversation has revolved around Titans' depiction of Starfire, who will be played by Anna Diop. The actress responded to "racist, derogatory, and/or cruel comments" after an on-set photo leaked of the actress in costume. Initially it seemed like Starfire would be Titans' main female hero. After this casting of Wonder Girl, things don't seem as certain.

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According to Heroic Hollywood it's actress Conor Leslie who has been cast as Wonder Girl. Leslie is a relatively unknown actress. She has appeared in the TV series Man in the High Castle and Shots Fired. However, this unknown level of actor is pretty typical for Titans; most of the announced cast has been up-and-coming talent. Brenton Thwaites, who will play Robin, is the only "star," for his roles in major motion pictures like Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Gods of Egypt.

There have been multiple versions of Wonder Girl in the comics. Yet according to reports, Leslie will be playing the first and most famous Wonder Girl, Donna Troy. Donna Troy has a very complicated history in DC Comics. Donna has been imagined as everything from Wonder Woman's clone to a woman who was created specifically for Wonder Woman's destruction. So there are multiple avenues that Titans can explore with Wonder Girl.

However, Donna Troy is most frequently known as one of the founding members of the Teen Titans. Donna has frequently filled the role of the right hand woman of Titans leader, Robin. Wonder Girl has sometimes led the Titans herself but usually she is second-in-command. Yet despite Donna's important status on the team in the comics, she's barely made it into any adaptations. Wonder Girl has appeared in Teen Titans Go!, but all she received in the original Teen Titans animated series were cameos.

This makes Leslie's casting a big and exciting step for Titans. The series could finally be Wonder Girl's chance to shine in something other than the comics. It makes perfect sense that Titans would want to include Wonder Girl, too. The character might have a very contradictory and confusing backstory, but she is related to Wonder Woman and 2017's Wonder Woman is one of the biggest success for DC Film's current live-action film franchise. Any connection to Wonder Woman is a good thing, even if there are no plans for Titans to connect to the DCEU.

Fans still might want to temper their excitement since filming for Titans has been underway for awhile. There are also rumors that Titans won't cover the formation of an original group, but Robin as he reemerges and creates a new group of Titans. Nothing has been confirmed and this is all heavy speculation. Yet it's likely that Wonder Girl won't appear until sometime  in the middle of Titans' 13 episode first season. She might be an important figure, but could end up being very minor in her screen time.

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Titans is expected to premiere sometime in 2018.

Source: Heroic Hollywood

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