Titans TV Show Production Photos Confirm Maroni Crime Family

Maroni Titans live-action

Get ready for some more familiar faces from Batman's rogue's gallery on DC's Titans as the show confirms the presence of the Maroni crime family.

Filming is well underway on Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, and Greg Berlanti's show, which will bring the beloved Teen Titans to screens in their first ever live-action outing. After being long-tipped for their own movie, it looks like the Titans (for now) will be left to head up their own TV show. Although villains like the demonic Trigon and the immortal Ra's al Ghul are rumored to play a part, fans now know that the Maronis are set to stalk the streets of Gotham and beyond.

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Production photos shared by Talkies Network reveal a trailer with the name "Stunt Maroni 1" on the side. Sadly, it doesn't confirm which of the murderous mobsters will be making their debut alongside Titans. Originally under the reign of Big Lou Maroni, Titans could also feature Salvatore, Pino or Umberto, or in fact, any/all of the family. However, it looks most likely that Sal Maroni will be the man leading the family when the show airs. Interestingly, the arrival of a Maroni (or possibly more) also ties into another Batman name making an appearance.

Sal Maroni The Dark Knight

Titans already confirmed that Tony Zucco would appear in the freshman season, neatly linking to the origins of Dick Grayson's Robin. Since first appearing in 1940, Zucco has always had a part in the demise of the Flying Grayson's at C.C. Haly's circus and effectively putting Dick on the path to becoming the Boy Wonder. Interestingly, limited series Batman: Dark Victory portrayed Zucco as a low-level thug working specifically for Sal Maroni, which could hint at him being the Maroni behind the trailer. Salvatore is best known for appearing in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight (played by Eric Roberts) but also appeared in season 1 of Fox's Gotham before taking a bullet to the head.

As the Titans show prepares for its debut, Maroni is just the latest in a long list of notable Batman names making an appearance. Only recently, one episode title teased that Jason Todd could arrive on Titans, meaning that it would be a veritable reunion of the Robins. Alongside Brenton Thwaites as Grayson, whoever plays the mystery Maroni will be joining an impressive roster of heroes and villains that also includes the likes of The Doom PatrolTitans is looking like an even bigger venture for DC than anyone had previously thought. Ultimately though, it is a game of wait-and-see until Titans joins the world of DC shows and help launch the publisher's new streaming service later this year.

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Titans premieres sometime later this year on DC’s streaming service.

Source: Talkies Network

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