Geoff Johns Confirms Doom Patrol For Titans Live-Action TV Show

DC Comics president Geoff Johns confirms the misfit heroes of the Doom Patrol are headed to the new Titan TV series he's writing.

DC's The Doom Patrol are officially heading to Titans courtesy of Geoff Johns. After gestating for years as a potential TNT series, word arrived last spring that Titans would instead help launch DC's new digital streaming service. Along with Young Justice: Outsiders, the series will explore the sidekicks of the comics and could be the beginning of a new TV initiative for the publisher. The core cast is already locked in, with Robin, Beast Boy, Hawk and Dove, Raven, and Starfire all included—but plenty of other DC heroes and villains look to be showing up as well.

We recently learned that Titans may feature R'as al Ghul, making it the third DC live-action series to do so in the past few years. Of course, the Demon's Head has long tormented the Teen Titans in the comics, so he's a fitting adversary. Likewise, Trigon may join the Titans TV show, another long-running foe who just happens to be Raven's demonic father. But it won't just be big bads hopping over from the page, as another team of heroes is coming to the show.

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Geoff Johns tweeted out a script page for episode 5 of Titans, and the title confirms that The Doom Patrol will be joining the live-action series before long.

Not long ago, The Doom Patrol coming to Titans was teased by Johns, but it looks like they'll be taking centerstage early in the show's run. Johns himself is writing the script, and the DC President and CCO is assumed to be tackling the other episodes as well. He's overseen and written some great comics and shows, while also having a hand in the DCEU, so his close proximity to Titans should ensure its success.

As for The Doom Patrol, they premiered way back in 1966 as 'The World's Strangest Heroes.' A batch of misfits with superpowers, they've gone through a number of incarnations over the decades. Most recently, My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way revived them as part of his Young Animal imprint with DC. They've come to play a larger part in the wider DC Universe since then, so it's not surprising Johns is keen to work them into his upcoming TV show. And with DC's as-yet-unnamed streaming service likely looking for content beyond its two launch titles, the episode of Titans could serve as a backdoor pilot for a Doom Patrol series.

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Titans is expected to air later this year on DC's streaming service.

Source: Geoff Johns

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