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A behind-the-scenes video from DC's Titans TV show reveals new, perhaps more comic-accurate costumes for Raven and Starfire. One of the most ambitious endeavors DC Entertainment has undertaken in recent years, at least since they relaunched their DC Comics universe with DC Rebirth in 2016, was launching the DC Universe digital platform last month. In addition to containing a library of content of past movies, TV shows, and comics, the service is also going to be a hub for all kinds of new content.

And DC Universe decided to kick off their slate of original programs with a mature-rated, live-action Titans TV show, featuring mainstays like Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, and more. Since this is the first live-action adaptation of the iconic superhero team, there was obviously a great deal of interest in the project. That's why when some of the cast's costumes were revealed in set photos earlier this year, a number of fans took issue with the way Raven and Starfire were dressed. But it looks like they aren't going to be in their street garb forever.

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Some behind-the-scenes clips from Titans were shown in a recent episode of DC Daily, and those snippets of footage revealed more comic-accurate costumes for both Raven and Starfire (note: Starfire is wearing pants compared to the outfit she's been seen wearing in past photos or videos). Of course, it's worth noting that these costumes are still pre-CGI, so they may look slightly or even considerably different when they finally appear on the small screen. Here are screenshots of their costumes; they can also be seen at the 5:17 and 6:20 marks in the new video.

This reveal comes on the heels of Starfire actress Anna Diop revealing that the DC superhero will get a more comic-accurate costume to wear sometime in season 1. While it's unclear when the sequence in the above photo takes place, it's certainly not from the season premiere episode, which finally aired last Friday on DC Universe. Furthermore, considering all that Raven had gone through in the first episode, she hasn't had time to develop her own "look" yet, let alone choose a name for her alter-ego.

Since Titans only recently premiered, there is still a lot that hasn't happened yet and it could before the season finale airs later this year or early next year, including having the core Titans members come together and actually form their eponymous team. It's possible that Raven and Starfire will don their REAL costumes when the Titans fully form, but until then, viewers will have to stick it out with the duo's regular clothes.

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Titans season 1 airs Fridays on DC Universe.

Source: DC Daily

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