DC's Titans: 11 Biggest Questions From Episode 3

What is Raven's secret? Will Hawk and Dove be forced to retire? Did Starfire just kill a policeman? Here are our key questions from Titans episode 3.

DC Titans Episode 3

The mysteries of Raven and Starfire are deepening in the third episode of DC's Titans show. Although the episode bears the title "Origins," it doesn't really tell the origin story of any of the team. Rather, it settles for dropping more tantalizing clues, and finally bringing all the future members to the same city, Washington, DC.

In a pleasant twist, "Origins" avoids the typical superhero-versus-superhero battle that you typically get in the comics whenever two heroes cross paths. Robin and Starfire quickly decide to trust each other, believing that - in spite of the fact they both plainly have secrets - they're united in wanting the best for Raven. That's about as far as the Titans get in terms of actually becoming a team, though, even if they do all cross paths at last. DC is evidently enjoying teasing us with the fact they'll come together in the end.

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So, let's take a look through some of the key questions left unanswered after the third episode of Titans. This time round, they're focused on Starfire and Raven, with only a few background questions about Dick Grayson.

11. How Did Starfire Find Dick Grayson and Raven?

Perhaps the strangest question of all is the simplest one: just how did Starfire track down Dick Grayson and Raven? A flashback to two days ago showed her visiting Raven's family home, but from there the trail really should have gone cold. And yet, somehow, Starfire found her way to Hawk and Dove's apartment in time to see Raven being kidnapped. The frustrating thing is, it's almost certain the series will never give an answer to this question; it's just a plot hole.

10. Did Starfire Actually Kill One Of Those Cops?

Killing and maiming appears to be the first resort for all the heroes of Titans. This time round, it's Starfire's turn, only the first people she takes on are police officers who stumble upon her when she breaks into Raven's family home. It honestly looks as though she kills one of the police officers when he comes across her upstairs.

9. How Much Control Does Starfire Have Over Her Powers?

Starfire is clearly one of the most dangerous soon-to-be-Titans, largely because she has no idea what her powers are, or how they work. It looks as though she's been training with them between the episodes; the last time she used her powers she was shocked, this time she appears to be able to summon her Starbolts at will. Even then, she doesn't seem to be able to regulate just how powerful individual Starbolts are, given her attack on the "father" destroys part of the women's restroom as well. Frankly, an amnesiac metahuman is a menace, plain and simple, and Starfire can count herself lucky she didn't badly injure Raven.

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8. Why Can't Raven Sense Starfire's Emotions?

There's one scene where Raven reaches out to touch Starfire, attempting to use her powers to sense Starfire's emotions. Surprisingly, she draws a blank - completely unable to get a "read" on Koriand'r. Given Raven's powers have yet to be explained in Titans, it's difficult to say why this is the case. There are two possible reasons. The first is that perhaps Starfire's amnesia means her mind isn't working properly, thus blocking Raven somehow. The second, and more intriguing, is that it's possible Starfire is some sort of yin to Raven's yang. After all, the two girls do describe their powers in very similar ways, but one as dark and the other as light. If that's the case, perhaps each is immune to the other.

7. Who Killed Dick Grayson's Parents?

The flashbacks confirmed that, as in the comics, Dick Grayson's parents were probably murdered. In the comics, they were killed by a Mafia boss named Tony Zucco, and it's likely the same will be true in Titans. Presumably later episodes will reveal whether or not Dick Grayson ever found his parents' killers, and if so whether or not he got his revenge. Indeed, that could be the real driving force behind his dark, brooding and violent persona in this series.

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