Titans Shows Why Robin is Batman's DUMBEST Idea

Batman and Robin may be a famous partnership, but the Titans series from DC is showing, once and for all, the fatal flaw that Bruce Wayne apparently never considered when recruiting a teenage sidekick. Is it a plot hole? Not quite. It's just the dumbest decision Batman probably ever made.

We're not calling Batman's abilities into question, since the greatest vigilante DC Comics has is certainly beyond reproach when it comes to his ability to wage war against criminality. But by putting Robin a.k.a. Dick Grayson in the spotlight of the story, Titans is showing just how much of a liability the sidekick really is. Not in combat, and certainly not as a vulnerability (Dick Grayson is deadly enough to look after himself). But when it comes to keeping Batman's secret identity of billionaire Gothamite Bruce Wayne a secret...  well, his creation of Robin pretty much guaranteed his secret would be revealed.

Robin's History is a Secret... But Not Dick Grayson's

When the events of Titans begin, not only has Dick Grayson managed to keep his superhero identity a secret, but it's been months since he even thought about putting on the uniform. Instead, he's operating as plain old Dick Grayson, a detective in the Detroit Police Department, and the orphaned son of a circus family who died in a terrible accident... and, of course, was fostered (possibly even adopted) by Bruce Wayne, the billionaire playboy of Gotham City.

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It's important for fans to remember that as they watch Dick's path to Bruce unfold in flashbacks - from Bruce offering help at the circus, to expressing his desire to be a foster parent to Dick directly to his social worker - we're seeing that story that the world knows. Granted, this version is all they know, without any insight into what Bruce's endgame really was. But as Dick makes throwaway references to the "other circus" that provided him with his Porsche, the fact remains: Dick's connection to Bruce Wayne is a matter of public record. And probably fairly discussed, considering who adopted him.

Robin is Revealed (and Batman is, Too)

Let's fast-forward a bit, past the point that Detective Dick Grayson has offered to help the young Rachel Roth, otherwise known as 'Raven' (who, by touching Dick's hand, sees the 'official' story of his life in quick cuts). There's no real need for secrecy on Dick's part, since his role as a detective explains his interest in protecting Rachel all on its own. As Starfire and Beast Boy all surround Rachel for one reason or another, it was only a matter of time before Dick would be forced to reveal that he lives by another name. Or lived, at least. And in Episode 5, the dramatic reveal finally arrives.

As the team of gifted twenty-somethings suffer at the hands of their family-themed enemies, Dick Grayson disappears, presumably defeated. Until he returns with the burst of a smoke bomb,in full uniform as his famous superhero alter ego: Robin. And... you know... revealing that Bruce Wayne is Batman in the exact same moment.

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