Titans: Superboy Episode Confirms Major Superman Characters Are Coming

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Superboy's story will be explored in the next episode of Titans, and he's bringing some major Superman characters with him. Based on the Teen Titans from the comics, the inaugural show of the DC Universe streaming service debuted last year. Despite heavily mixed reviews, the show proved a hit with audiences. As such, it not only paved the way for a Doom Patrol spinoff but was rapidly renewed for a second season. Having discarded some of its weaker elements and reinvented itself somewhat in its sophomore outing, Titans is finally starting to live up to its potential.

The show stars Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson. In an attempt to put his days as Batman's sidekick behind him, season 2 sees him officially training a new team and transitioning into Nightwing. Comprised of Rachel Roth (Teagan Croft), Gar Logan (Ryan Potter), and Jason Todd (Curran Walters), the titular group have found themselves the target of Deathstroke (Esai Morales). The fledgling group has also been aided by Dick's disapproving "Titans 1.0" associates, Donna Troy (Conor Leslie), Hank Hall (Alan Ritchson), and Dawn Granger (Minka Kelly).  The latest episode saw Anna Diop's Kory Anders also return officially to the fold, despite being engrossed in problems of her own.

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According to an official synopsis for episode 6, another popular DC Comics character will soon make his full debut. The next episode will center on the hero who'll come to be known as Superboy. The character was first teased in a post-credits scene, as part of the Titans season 1 finale, but hasn't been mentioned since. Fresh from his escape from Cadmus Labs, however, episode 6, titled "Conner", will follow Conner Kent as he seeks to uncover his past and his purpose. That search will lead to him crossing paths with Lionel Luthor and, based on the list of confirmed guest stars, Martha Kent (played by Sarah Deakins). Check out the full synopsis below:

Conner Kent escapes from Cadmus Labs and emerges into the world for the first time as a free agent. With Krypto in tow, Conner's search for the truth about his past leads him to Lionel Luthor (guest star Peter MacNeill), Lex Luthor's father, and Cadmus geneticist Eve Watson (guest star Genevieve Angelson). Eve informs Conner of his true heritage and sends him on a path of self-discovery, examining his own identity and inherent impulses. In a moment of question, Conner chooses to act heroically and finds himself face-to-face with the Titans.

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It's unknown whether the characters of Lionel Luthor and Martha Kent will feature in future episodes or simply be one-off appearances in order to aid Conner's development. Whatever the case, both are prominent characters from the comics and will be exciting additions to Titans' ever-expanding world. Though Lionel pales in comparison to the infamy of his son, Lex, he's been adapted multiple times, most notably by John Glover on Smallville. Equally, Martha Kent has been portrayed onscreen by a number of actresses. Most recently she was played by Diane Lane in the DCEU.

Martha and Lionel will probably serve as an angel and a devil on Conner's shoulders, respectively - with one attempting to use him for selfish gain and the other steering him toward a more heroic destiny. Based on the synopsis, the latter will inevitably win out. Though the episode will be largely focused on Conner's journey, it'll no doubt intersect with the Titans' own drama by the episode's end. Episode 5 concluded with a major cliffhanger when Jason Todd was sent plummeting from a skyscraper by Deathstroke. Despite Dick's best efforts to save him, he could only watch as Robin 2.0 seemingly fell towards certain death.  As teased by the sudden appearance of a helicopter searching the skies, it looks more and more clear that Conner will be the one to save the future Red Hood.

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Titans season 2 will continue with episode 6, "Conner", on October 11.

Source: DC Universe

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