Titans Actress Shows Off Starfire's New Hairstyle

Starfire in Titans

Titans star Anna Diop shared a sneak peek at Starfire's new hairstyle for season 2. After receiving online hatred for leaked photos before the show started, the actress is taking matters into her own hands this year. Fans quickly came around to her fiery performance onscreen, and now they'll be able to enjoy her most comic-accurate look yet.

The magenta wig and sequined club wear from Titans' previous season served a narrative purpose, but it seems Starfire is leaving them behind. While the previous outfit was indeed modeled after the comics, Diop is now sporting a more toned down look that's more in line with recent character designs. It's not the first season 2 hint she's dropped, having posted a photo back in April, but it's the most complete preview so far.

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Her Instagram post showcases softer red tones and looser curls, alongside a cheeky kiss emoji that suggests Diop knows exactly what viewers were hoping to see. The marked change from her last look also leads to questions about just how much time will pass between seasons. It's also unclear what Starfire's new outfit will look like, though the purple jacket she wore in another set post would be a perfect fit for the character. Check out the image below:

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Given that the season 1 finale has since become Titans' season 2 premiere, there's no telling how quickly Starfire's change will take place. Perhaps the team gets a moment of respite after facing off against Raven's father, Trigon, who last had Dick (Brenton Thwaites) in his mind-warping clutches. Starfire rocked two 70s-inspired outfits last year while spending weeks on the run, so it'll be fun to see what she puts on when she's got a moment to breathe. As long as she's still decked out in purple, Diop is sure to pull off any look Titans gives her.

Aside from Starfire's new hair, fans can also expect to meet a barrage of newcomers in the new season. Between introducing Deathstroke and his family, Superboy and his dog, Mercy Graves and her malevolent plots, and of course Bruce Wayne himself, Titans has a lot of ground to cover this year. Anna Diop showing off a sleeker image for Starfire moving forward may seem small in the grand scheme of themes, but further proof that the show is moving in the right direction.

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Titans season 2 is set to premiere later this year on DC Universe.

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