Titans Just Introduced [SPOILER] To DC's Universe

Robin and Fever in Titans

In addition to presenting the classic line-up of the Doom Patrol, the latest episode of DC Universe's Titans also introduced one of the Doom Patrol's more recent and more obscure members: Fever. It is unclear at this time, however, if the character will be appearing in the upcoming Doom Patrol series or if their cameo in Titans was just an Easter Egg.

The main plot of "Doom Patrol" found a green-haired boy named Gar taking runaway Rachel Roth home to meet his adopted family. This included Cliff Steele (a former race-car driver whose brain was transplanted into a robot body), test-pilot Larry Trainor (who has to hide himself behind lead-lined bandages) and former actress Rita Farr, who has trouble keeping her face on and tends to start melting if she loses her focus. Rachel is invited to stay for dinner, despite there being a rule against having guests over, as "The Chief" who owns their mansion (i.e. genius doctor Niles Caulder) is away on business and not expected back until the next night. Unfortunately, The Chief arrives home early, interrupting dinner with an announcement that he has a patient.

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The team quickly moves into action, as The Chief reveals that his patient is a young activist named Shyleen Lao. The Chief explains that a protest Lao had organized had turned violent and that the young woman had been soaked with liquid nitrogen after a tanker truck exploded near her. Somehow surviving contact with the freeing liquid, the doctors on the scene still wrote Lao off as a lost cause. Such diagnoses are a siren song to The Chief, however, who had devoted his life to treating those patients that other doctors wrote off as "doomed."

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Treating Shyleen Lao proves to be easier said than done, however. Despite being soaked in liquid nitrogen, her body was radiating intense heat and even the radioactive Larry Trainor found her too hot to handle. The serum The Chief developed did little to help Lao, causing her to begin convulsing as the temperature in the room began to drop suddenly. Only Rachel, using her own untapped powers of empathy and healing, was able to calm the panicking young woman and help her to stabilize.

In the classic DC Comics, the name of Shayleen Lao originally belonged to a member of the third incarnation of the Doom Patrol, which headlined a short-lived comic-book series which ran from December 2001 to September 2003. Going by the code-name Fever, Shayleen Lao was a metahuman with the power to control the flow of heat around her.  She was also able to control fire to a lesser degree, but had to wear special gloves in order to effectively utilize her powers.

It remains to be seen if Fever will be making a guest appearance in the new Doom Patrol series, after her cameo on Titans. It seems unlikely, however, given that she was never tremendously popular and was unceremoniously killed off with little fanfare in 2008. Fever also has not been listed among other characters from the Doom Patrol comics expected to appear in the new show, like Crazy Jane or Mister Nobody.

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