Titans Makes Jason Todd a Better Robin Than Dick Grayson

DC Universe's Titans TV series has turned Jason Todd into a far better Robin than his predecessor, the more famous Dick Grayson.

Titans, the DC Universe streaming service's flagship TV series, has turned Jason Todd into a far better Robin that Dick Grayson. Introduced in season 1, Jason Todd quickly established himself as a worthy if ill-tempered successor to Dick Grayson. He initially seemed to be just another secondary character, but has gradually transformed into a core member of the team.

Batman hopes that Dick Grayson's Titans project can do what he can't, and tame Jason. The teenager may be skilled, but he's difficult to control, with a powerful desire to prove himself. He has no qualms about killing - Titans season 1, episode 6 saw the two Robins go head-to-head over that issue - and seems to have been using the Bat-computer to look at porn. Batman has never been great at interpersonal relationships, and he concluded he didn't have what it takes to turn Jason Todd into a more well-rounded human being. And yet, for all Jason Todd may be something of a handful, the fact remains that he's already proven himself to be a better Robin than Dick.

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Titans season 2 has made it pretty clear that Jason Todd is a better detective than Dick Grayson. In truth, Dick's detective skills have been relatively unimpressive in Titans; he even seemed to be researching supervillains using Wikipedia in Titans season 2, episode 4. Contrast this with Jason Todd, who figured out where Dr. Light could be hiding, in safe zones where his energy signature would be concealed by layers of concrete. He did what none of the older, more experienced Titans could do - and he achieved this in spite of the fact they have prior experience fighting against Dr. Light.

Titans Season 2 Premire Jason Todd Robin Speaks To Press

Meanwhile, in terms of combat skills, Jason Todd is seriously impressive. Titans season 2, episode 5 opens with Jason waking up as a prisoner. It took the full might of the OG Titans to deal with Dr. Light the first time they fought, and the supervillain escaped when they next met. Jason, however, successfully beat Dr. Light single-handed - twice. The second time was particularly notable, given Jason would still have been concussed, and his hands were bound. He goaded Dr. Light into position, then choked him unconscious with his legs. While Dick Grayson is better at sparring, Jason excels in the field.

Right now, there's only one thing holding Jason Todd back; his insecurity. In Titans season 1, episode 6, he suggested that Batman needs brightly-clad Robins to draw fire - an early hint of his low self-esteem. In Titans season 2, episode 3, this led Jason to try to take out Dr. Light in order to prove himself to Dick. Unfortunately, given the cliffhanger ending of episode 5, it remains to be seen whether Jason will have time to outgrow this insecurity.

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