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Bat Family Characters

The greatest number of comic book references in Titans relate to Gotham City and the Bat-Family. This is partly due to the show's focus on Dick's Grayson's life and his efforts to free himself from the Robin name. There are also a few nods towards Gotham City's criminal element - both costumed criminals and members of the Mafia.

  • John Grayson - Father of Dick Grayson, member of The Flying Graysons.
  • Mary Grayson - Mother of Dick Grayson, member of The Flying Graysons.
  • Bruce Wayne/Batman - adoptive father of Dick Grayson and protector of Gotham City. Renowned as the world's finest detective and master of numerous disciplines. His image can also be seen on a magazine cover  at a newsstand in'Hank and Dawn'.
  • Amy Rohrbach - Dick Grayson's new partner in the Detroit PD. In the Nightwing comics, a veteran of the Bludhaven PD, who was partnered with Dick when he joined the police force.
  • Bridget Clancy - A contact on Dick Grayson's cell phone.  In the Nightwing comics, the superintendent of Dick Grayson's apartment in Bludhaven and, for a time, his love interest.
  • Lori Elton - A contact on Dick Grayson's cell phone.  In the comics, she was Dick Grayson's girlfriend while he was attending college.
  • Lucius Fox - A contact on Dick Grayson's cell phone. Works for Wayne Enterprises in some capacity, though depending on the era of the comics he is either a money manager or in research-and-development.
  • Bonnie Linseed - A contact on Dick Grayson's cell phone. Appeared in the comic Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet, where Dick Grayson was supposed to take her out on a date but he was forced to cancel so he could become Robin. She was also the niece of Gotham City's mayor.
  • Michael Pearson - A contact on Dick Grayson's cell phone. In the Nightwing comics, a photo-journalist who rented a room to Dick Grayson while he was living in Chicago.
  • Alfred Pennyworth - The Wayne Family butler and Bruce Wayne's foster father. Contacted by Dick Grayson in 'Hawk and Dove' about borrowing some money.
  • Jason Todd/Robin II - The second orphan adopted by Bruce Wayne and trained as a crime-fighter. Unlike Dick Grayson, who is sickened by his life as a vigilante, Jason Todd revels in the violence he unleashes.
  • C.C. Haly - Owner of Haly's Circus, which employed The Flying Graysons.
  • Catherine Todd - Jason Todd's mother. Abandoned him at a young age. Mentioned by Jason Todd as he tells Dick Grayson about his past. In the comics, she died of a drug overdose while Jason's father was in prison.
  • Willis Todd - Jason Todd's father. Abandoned him at a young age. Mentioned by Jason Todd as he tells Dick Grayson about his past. In the comics, he was a career criminal who was in prison when his wife died. He was later killed by Two-Face while working for the villain as a henchman.
  • Anthony "Tony" Zucco - A career criminal who ran extortion rackets for the Maroni crime family, he was responsible for the deaths of John and Mary Grayson. In the comics, Batman and Robin brought him to justice. In the reality of Titans, Robin allows him to be gunned down by The Maroni crime family after Zucco arranges a plea-bargain to bring down the whole organization.
  • Salvatore "Boss" Maroni - Head of the Maroni crime family. One of the most powerful gangsters in Gotham City. Does not appear on the show, but is mentioned in 'Jason Todd'.
  • Harvey Dent/Two-Face - Mentioned in 'Jason Todd'. The former district attorney of Gotham City, Harvey Dent developed a dissociative identity and an obsession with duality after having his face scarred by Boss Maroni, becoming the fearsome gangster Two-Face.
  • The Joker - The Clown Prince of Crime and Batman's most dangerous enemy. Mentioned in both the premiere episode and 'Donna Troy' as Dick Grayson tells Donna about the disturbing crime scene he just left.
  • Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin - A high-class crime-boss in Gotham City, known for his dapper dress and squat stature. Mentioned in 'Donna Troy', as Dick Grayson randomly wonders what The Penguin is doing while trying to mingle at a gallery opening.

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Other DC Characters: JLA, The Nuclear Family & More

Titans The Nuclear Family

The other references to the wide world outside of Gotham City on Titans have largely been aimed at the Justice League's membership. Notably, the series has also offered a revamped version of The Nuclear Family - a group of villains whose previous appearances in the comics were limited to the comic Batman and the Outsiders. It remains to be seen what other corners of the DC Universe might be explored before the end of the first season.

  • The Acolyte - In the Young Justice comics, a lunatic who is fixated on the idea of creating new deities. In the show, a religious fanatic determined to kill Rachel before The Organization can use her for their own plans.
  • The Nuclear Family - A quartet of assassins conditioned by The Organization, disguised as a disturbingly normal American family. Comprised of Nuclear Mom, Nuclear Dad, Nuclear Sis and Nuclear Biff. The first Nuclear Dad is killed by Starfire in "Origins" and replaced with a second Nuclear Dad. He and the rest of The Nuclear Family are killed by The Organization in "Together" after implants in their heads are triggered.
  • Clark Kent/Superman - Sent to Earth as an infant from the dying world of Krypton, Clark Kent uses the superpowers he gains from exposure to Earth's yellow sun to fight a never-ending battle for Truth and Justice as Superman.  Not mentioned or seen in the show, but Dawn Granger and Don Hall are both seen wearing Superman T-shirts in 'Hawk and Dove' and 'Hank and Dawn' respectively. His image can also be seen on a magazine cover at a newsstand in'Hank and Dawn'.
  • Diana Of Themyscira/Wonder Woman - Princess of the Amazons, Diana came to Man's World to act as an ambassador of her people and a champion of the oppressed as Wonder Woman. Mentioned in 'Donna Troy' as Donna Troy describes how Wonder Woman found her as a child and took her to the Amazon homeland of Themyscira. Her image can also be seen on a magazine cover at a newsstand in'Hank and Dawn'.

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