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The first live-action show created for the DC Universe streaming service, Titans has hinted at a larger world beyond that which has been depicted on the show so far. While few characters outside of those created for the classic Teen Titans comics have been depicted on the show, there have been a plethora of nods to other people from around the DC Comics universe. The greater number of these have been gangsters and super-villains from Gotham City, whom Dick Grayson had to deal with in the past.

What follows is a breakdown of characters from the comics who have been mentioned or depicted on Titans, even if the reference was an indirect one that did not explicitly name them. It will also include those characters who were mentioned as Easter eggs, such as the lengthy list of contacts on Dick Grayson's cell phone, which he scrolled through in 'Hawk and Dove' before placing a call to Alfred Pennyworth.

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Titans Characters

DC Universe Titans Starfire Beast Boy Robin Raven

The focus of Titans lies on a group of four young people with identity issues, who are brought together after Rachel Roth's adoptive mother is murdered and police detective Dick Grayson takes up her case. They are quickly joined by Kory Anders (an amnesiac woman who only remembers that she was trying to find Rachel Roth for some reason) and Gar Logan - a young man with a wild side he's still learning to control.

  • Rachel Roth/Raven - A Gothic teenager wanted by the mysterious Organization, who possesses strange powers she can't quite control.
  • Dick Grayson/Robin I - The first teenage boy adopted by Batman and trained as a partner in crime-fighting, Dick seeks to build a life of his own outside the shadow of The Bat.
  • Trigon - Though not mentioned by name, the show has made many references to Raven's father - a powerful demon lord, who needs his daughter's aid to manifest on Earth.
  • Kory Anders/Starfire - A warrior princess from the planet Tamaran in the comics, the show's version of Starfire is amnesiac and has no memory of who she is or what she was doing before the start of the show.
  • Konstantin Kovar - A Russian crime boss in the comics, who fathered the Russian superhero and Titans member Red Star. His Titans counterpart is killed after threatening Kory Anders.
  • Gar Logan/Beast Boy - Saved from a rare tropical illness by The Chief, Gar Logan's DNA was altered so that he can, in theory, change himself into any animal, though so far he can only manage a tiger.
  • Hank Hall/Hawk - In the comics, an avatar of War. In the show, a tough-as-nails vigilante with no apparent superpowers. He seems to hold a grudge against Dick Grayson because of a one-night-stand he once had with Hank's girlfriend, Dawn Granger.
  • Dawn Granger/Dove II - In the comics, an avatar of Peace. In the show, a tough-as-nails vigilante with no apparent superpowers. Seems to harbor feelings for Dick Grayson despite being involved with Hank Hall.
  • Angela Roth - Rachel's biological mother, held captive for years by The Organization.
  • Donna Troy/Wonder Girl - An orphaned girl adopted by Wonder Woman and raised on Themyscira, Donna Troy has given up her Wonder Girl name in favor of finding other ways to change the world.
  • Don Hall/Dove I - The original Avatar of Peace in the comics. On the show, Hank Hall's younger brother - a skilled martial artist, who joins with him in a vigilante effort to fight child predators. Killed in the same accident that killed Dawn Granger's mother and brought Hank and Dawn together.

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Doom Patrol Characters

DC Titans Doom Patrol Photos

Billed as "The World's Strangest Heroes" when they were introduced in 1963, the Doom Patrol is just as much a support group as a superhero team. Brought together by the enigmatic Dr. Niles Caulder, who developed the treatments that saved the lives of its membership, the Doom Patrol use their unique powers to protect the public that looks upon them as a collective of freaks. Introduced in the fourth episode of Titans, 'Doom Patrol', the team will appear in their own spin-off series in 2019.

  • Cliff Steele/Robotman - Once a professional race car driver, The Chief placed Cliff's brain in a robotic body after a near-fatal crash. Though his new body is virtually indestructible, Cliff Steele has no sense of smell or taste and a greatly reduced sense of touch.
  • Larry Trainor/Negative Man - Exposed to intense radiation while testing an experimental plane, Larry Trainor must wrap his body in special bandages or risk killing the people around him. His body also now houses a destructive being of pure energy.
  • Rita Farr/Elasti-Girl - Once a classic film star, an unspecified incident turned Rita Farr into an amorphous blob. She can, at present, barely hold her original shape for a few minutes at a time.
  • Dr. Niles Caulder/The Chief - A brilliant scientist and medical doctor who has devoted his life to helping those cases other doctors dismiss as hopeless, The Chief's cures are often worse for the patient than the disease.
  • Shyleen Lao/Fever - A young activist exposed to liquid nitrogen during a protest rally gone bad, Shyleen Lao developed the power to generate intense heat as a reflexive defense to save her life.
  • Marie Logan - Gar Logan's mother, seen in a photo in "Doom Patrol."
  • Mark Logan - Gar Logan's father, seen in a photo in "Doom Patrol."
  • Danny The Street - In the comics, a sentient street capable of teleporting itself into any urban landscape. Niles Caulder's mansion in "Doom Patrol" is said to be at the end of Danny Street.

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