DC's Titans Has Made Some Big Changes To Deathstroke’s Butler

Titans Deathstroke Butler Wintergreen

Titans has made some substantial changes to Deathstroke's butler, Wintergreen, in adapting the character for live-action television. This is hardly surprising given some of the other ways that Titans has deviated from its source material, but the changes to Wintergreen are particularly notable for how they change the dynamic between Slade Wilson and his most steadfast companion.

William Randolph Wintergreen was introduced alongside his master in New Teen Titans #2. Originally established as an evil counterpart to Batman's butler Alfred Pennyworth, Wintergreen was ultimately revealed to be more than a mere servant. He had been one of Slade Wilson's combat instructors and closest friends, even acting as the best man at his wedding. Wintergreen took up the role of a gentleman's gentleman after Wilson defied a direct order and illegally commandeered a plane to rescue Wintergreen, who had been captured by enemy forces during the Vietnam War. This action saw Wilson dishonorably discharged from the US Army, at which point he went into business for himself as the assassin Deathstroke, with Wintergreen managing his business affairs and tending to his weapons and wounds between jobs.

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The role of Wintergreen in Titans is played by Canadian actor Demore Barnes, who is perhaps best known to comic fans for his recent work as Mr. Ibis on American Gods and his appearances on The Flash as the villain Tokamak. Given that Wintergreen was a middle-aged Caucasian male in New Teen Titans, it may be somewhat jarring for fans of the classic comics to imagine a younger black man in the role. Barnes' take on Wintergreen also lacks a noticeable accent, when the comics' version of Wintergreen was decidedly British, being a former member of MI-5 and a Major in the Special Air Service.

Titans Esai Morales as Deathstroke and Demore Barnes as Wintergreen

Titans' season 2 premiere offered fans their first look at Deathstroke (played by Esai Morales) and Wintergreen in action. The brief scene in which we see the two allies together indicates a drastically different dynamic between them, ignoring the cosmetic physical changes to Wintergreen. While Slade Wilson would never be described by anyone as being expressive of his emotions, the Deathstroke we see here seems to regard Wintergreen more as an employee than a close friend. Wintergreen's reactions to Slade are also quite different, with Wintergreen seeming somewhat sarcastic when he asks "How about it, old man? Are we back in business?" as Slade is inspecting his old armor.

The brief scene from Titans' premiere never makes it clear just what Wintergreen and Deathstroke's relationship is in the reality of the series. While it's possible the two are brothers in arms and that Wintergreen became indebted to Deathstroke, it seems unlikely that Wintergreen had a role in mentoring Slade Wilson as a young soldier. He could be an accomplished hireling rather than the boon companion from the comics. Whatever the nature of their association, it seems certain that Wintergreen is ready and able to assist Deathstroke in his war on the Titans.

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