Titans Season 2 Set Photo Reveals First Look At Joshua Orpin As Superboy

A Titans season 2 set photo reveals our first look at Joshua Orpin in costume as Conner Kent aka. Superboy in the DC Universe TV show.

Titans Superboy Joshua Orpin

A Titans season 2 set photo reveals our first look at Joshua Orpin in costume as Conner Kent aka. Superboy in the DC Universe TV show. Superboy and his trusty companion Krypto the Superdog were first introduced in the Titans season 1 finale post-credits scene, but the role of Conner Kent hadn't been cast yet. That news arrived prior to the start of Titans season 2 filming, with Joshua Orpin being cast as Superboy on the flagship DC Universe series. Season 1 premiered in late 2018, with DC Universe renewing Titans for season 2 before it had even aired one episode.

Since the cliffhanger ending of the Titans season 1 finale, fans have been eagerly awaiting what season 2 has in store. Although plot details are being kept under wraps, we know Titans will have to resolve the team's conflict with Trigon (Seamus Dever), who managed to get Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) under his control in the finale. With Rachel Roth (Teagan Croft) taking Trigon's side and Gar Logan (Ryan Potter) sticking with Rachel, that leaves Kory Anders (Anna Diop), Donna Troy (Conor Leslie) and their friends to save the others from Trigon. No matter how it's resolved, Superboy will be joining the Titans series next season.

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Now, fans can get their first look at Titans' Superboy in a new image from the series' set of Orpin, posted by Thomas Polito on Twitter. Orpin is sporting the Superboy costume that has appeared in both the comics and Young Justice TV show, consisting of a simple black T-shirt with the Superman insignia and jeans. Check it out below.

The quality of this Superboy photo isn't great, but it certainly gives us an idea of which costume Titans will be utilizing. This approach makes sense considering Titans has veered away from superhero suits for the majority of its main characters, with the major exceptions being Dick and Jason Todd (Curran Walters)'s Robin costumes as well as Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Dove (Minka Kelly). Still, the costume Orpin is wearing in this photo is a comics-accurate version of what Superboy wears, it's just a more simple superhero costume than many comic book characters typically wear.

How exactly Superboy fits into Titans season 2 still remains to be seen. The post-credits scene featured Conner breaking out of Cadmus Laboratories in Metropolis, using violence against the scientists there. He also freed Krypto the Superdog, who will appear in Titans season 2 as well. But it's unclear when or how he'll run across the rest of the Titans team. Nevertheless, Superboy isn't the only new character joining Titans for season 2. Iain Glen was cast as Bruce Wayne aka. Batman, while Deathstroke (Esai Morales) and his two children, Jericho (Chella Man) and Ravager (Chelsea Zhang), also expected to appear.

With other new cast members joining the series as Aqualad/Tempest (Drew Van Acker) and Mercy Graves (Natalie Gumede), Titans season 2 is going to be packed with superhero action and drama. Hopefully DC Universe will unveil better looks at the new and returning characters in Titans season 2 ahead of the show's return this fall.

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Titans season 2 premieres Fall 2019 on DC Universe.

Source: Thomas Polito/Twitter

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