5 Titans Guaranteed To Be Featured In Season 2 (And 5 We Hope To See)

Titans Season One is officially over, and fans are already salivating for news about the second season. Especially when it comes to the new names on the Titans roster. The first season of the DC Universe streaming series brought so many classic Teen Titans to life, and the second season is guaranteed to bring us even more.

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If you've seen the show, you're probably already excited for its continuation. But to get you even more hyped, we put together this list of 5 Titans Guaranteed To Be Featured In Season 2 (And 5 We Hope To See). Be warned, some SPOILERS are incoming.

10. Guaranteed: Superboy

Titans Season 1 Finale Superboy

After the credits of the Titans series finale, we got a look at a hulking figure trapped in a Cadmus laboratory. He goes from room to room, beating some scientists who he apparently perceived as captors. As he nears a dimly-lit central lab and meets the second character on this list, we see a Superman tattoo on his arm. Conner Kent has arrived to Titans.

Conner, AKA Superboy, is a clone of the Man of Steel. He first appeared in DC Comics in the eighties and has since starred in several comics and comic book adaptations. Memorably, Conner appeared in the wildly popular Young Justice TV show, which he will likely return to this January.

9. Guaranteed: Krypto

Titans Season 1 Finale Post-Credits Scene Krypto

And just who was Conner jailbreaking in the post-credits scene? It was, of course, everyone’s favorite super-pet, Krypto the superdog! Krypto has been a loyal companion to Superman since the Silver Age. He’s another refugee from Krypton, blasted off the planet by Superman’s father as a test launch before he'd have to send his son. With all the powers of a true Kryptonian, Krypto is a powerful and adorable force for good in the DCU. Whether his origin will stay the same in Titans Season 2 is something for which we’ll have to wait and see.

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8. Guaranteed: Cyborg

Cyborg cannon

Cyborg’s popularity has skyrocketed in the past couple of years. When DC launched their New 52 comics line, Cyborg was made a founding member of the Justice League. He then appeared in the animated version of that story, Justice League: War, and not long after made his big screen debut in the DCEU’s Justice League film. Now, Cyborg is headed to Titans spinoff Doom Patrol. We just got our first look at him via the Doom Patrol teaser trailer, and it’s clear the DC Universe platform is committed to making a comics-accurate version of the character. After he does his thing in that show, you can bet he’ll be making an appearance in Titans Season 2.

7. Guaranteed: Nightwing

In a powerful moment from Season One, we saw Dick Grayson destroy his Robin costume. In doing so, he decided to give that identity up for good. However, it’s clear Dick’s superheroing days are far from over. And if Dick isn’t fighting the good fight as Robin, there’s only one identity he’d switch to next. We fully expect to see Nightwing show up in the next season of DC’s streaming hit. Especially since, in another corner of DC Comics media, the status of the Nightwing movie is still up in the air. It may still be a while until he makes an appearance in cinemas, so to see Dick take on the name in Titans would be very rewarding to fans.

6. Red Hood

Jason Todd as Robin is, well, probably not going to end well. In the world of DC Comics, Jason is murdered by the Joker, returning to life as the violent, murderous, vigilante known as the Red Hood. The Titans version of Jason is already under the tutelage of an overly-violent Batman, so it wouldn’t be much of a jump in his morality to the Red Hood persona. However, it’s not guaranteed that they’ll go the resurrection route, as it would kind of be a lot to explain. Then again, The Death of Superman is a lot to explain, and Zack Snyder shoved that into the last 20 minutes of BvS.

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5. Want To See: Tim Drake

The first pick on our Titans wish list doesn’t just come out of thin air. At New York Comic Con, producer Geoff Johns told audiences that Season Two’s storyline would make comics author Marv Wolfman very happy. This could mean a lot of things, as Marv Wolfman contributed extensively to the Teen Titans lore. It could mean they’re adapting the classic storyline The Judas Contract (more on that later). Or, it could mean that a Wolfman-created character is in the way. If that’s the case, Tim Drake could be an excellent choice.

Titans is, after all, very heavy on its Robins. If Jason Todd does die, which will likely happen in the next season to make room for the Red Hood, Tim would be a fan-pleasing replacement as Batman’s sidekick. Can’t have a good vigilante story without endangering a preteen, right?

4. Want To See: Jinx

DC Universe’s streaming show dives right into the dark magic that influences much of the comic book material. Most of that comes from the character of Raven, but there’s absolutely room for a growing magical cast. If Titans goes that route, the character of Jinx would be a great add-on to the cast. Jinx was a huge part of the animated Teen Titans show, and another creation by the legendary Marv Wolfman. Jinx usually acts as an antagonist for the Titans, and seeing her challenge the team would please old fans and new ones alike.

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3. Want To See: Aqualad

Audiences everywhere have now been introduced to the world of Atlantis. That's thanks to this winter’s Aquaman, which has opened up that pocket of the DC world to a much larger fanbase. And it would be brilliant for Titans to capitalize on that popularity. Aqualad is the nephew of everyone’s favorite marine linguist, and like Conner Kent, features prominently in Young Justice. So far, there’s been no rumors of Aqualad in the DCEU, so it would be cool for him to join some of his fellow Young Justice-ers in the small screen.

2. Want To See: Bumblebee

Bumblebee is another character with history from both the Doom Patrol and Teen Titans. Similar to Marvel’s Wasp, Bumblebee has a high-tech, wing-equipped suit that allows her to shrink to a small size. Not only would her powers make for entertaining action in the next season, but Bumblebee’s positive, fiery personality would add some variety to the grim tone of the show. However, getting her into the show might take some creative maneuvering. After all, Transformers isn’t going to be giving up the name Bumblebee anytime soon.

1. Want To See: Terra


DC Comics' Teen Titan Terra

Outside of the most popular Titans, like Robin and Cyborg, Terra is perhaps one of the most memorable characters from Teen Titans lore. She features prominently in The Judas Contract, the previously mentioned Citizen Kane of Teen Titans stories. You might remember Terra if you were a fan of the Teen Titans cartoon, and you also might recall why she’s extremely dangerous. Without spoiling anything, having her feature in a season of Titans would make for a great challenge to the characters as a team. Plus, bringing her on would be a great way to introduce Deathstroke, with whom Terra had an affair. Sure, we want to see Slade Wilson in Matt Reeves’ Batman movie. But it could be even more exciting to have him face his true archenemies, the Teen Titans.

Which characters do you think are likely to be in Titans Season 2? Which others do you wish could be? Let us know in the comments section below!

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