Titans Season 2 Poster Provides Best Look At Deathstroke Yet

Titans Season 2 Cast

The Titans season 2 poster offers a better look at Deathstroke and more of the heroes and villains expected to appear in the upcoming episodes. Titans season 1 saw the formation of the superhero team known in the comics as the Teen Titans - though the DC Universe TV show tells a more adult story and, therefore, dropped the "teen" part of that title. Dick Grayson aka. Robin (Brenton Thwaites) became embroiled in the life of Rachel Roth (Teagan Croft), who also connected with Kory Anders (Anna Diop) and Gar Logan (Ryan Potter). Titans season 1 also introduced other superheroes, like Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Dove (Minka Kelly) as well as Donna Troy aka. Wonder Girl (Conor Leslie).

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However, Titans season 2 is set to introduce even more characters, both heroes and villains. The Titans season 2 trailer teased the arrivals of Superboy (Joshua Orpin) and his dog Krypto as well as Deathstroke (Esai Morales) and his children Jericho (Chella Man) and Ravager (Chelsea Zhang). Further, Titans season 2 will finally officially feature Bruce Wayne aka. Batman (Iain Glen). Plus, with other heroes like Jason Todd aka. the second Robin (Curran Walters) returning and new villains joining the fray, like Mercy Graves (Natalie Gumede), the DC Universe show's second outing is gearing up to be much bigger than the first season.

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Now, to go along with the bigger cast, the Titans season 2 poster unites many of the major players - both heroes and villains. Released on Twitter by Walters, the poster features the main four: Dick Grayson, Kory Anders aka. Starfire, Rachel Roth aka. Raven and Gar Logan aka. Beast Boy. The one-sheet also includes returning heroes Wonder Girl, Jason Todd's Robin, Hawk and Dove. As for new characters, the poster features Deathstroke, Superboy and Ravager prominently. Check out the Titans season 2 poster below.

Titans Season 2 premieres September 6 on DC Universe

The Titans season 2 premiere date was announced at San Diego Comic-Con last month, where the DC Universe show also first screened the trailer. Based on reactions, it's looking like Titans season 2 will be different, and perhaps better than season 1. Of course, since the creatives behind the show turned the original season 1 finale into the season 2 premiere, leading to a disjointed ending, it won't be too difficult for season 2 to be an improvement. Certainly, it seems Titans is coming into its own and, as the flagship original for DC Universe, hopefully it'll only get stronger as it goes along.

That said, there's been a great deal of speculation in recent months about the fate of DC Universe with its parent company, Warner Bros. planning another streaming service, HBO Max. For now, it appears DC Universe will remain its own entity, and the streamer has proved it has confidence in some of its projects, with both Titans and Doom Patrol being renewed for second seasons. Although Swamp Thing was cancelled, DC Universe has a number of other originals hitting the streaming service, including Harley Quinn and Stargirl. For now, though, fans can get hyped for the premiere of Titans season 2 in a little less than two weeks.

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Titans season 2 premieres Friday September 6 on DC Universe.

Source: Curran Walters/Twitter

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