Titans Season 2 May Add [SPOILER] To The Team

Caution: Potential spoilers ahead for Titans season 2

The trailer for Titans season 2 introduced many new characters, including Aqualad and Deathstroke, but was a secret addition also hidden within a fast-paced battle scene? Judging from the first-look trailer, Titans season 2 will delve more fully into the group's comic book superhero origins, featuring two different incarnations of the Teen Titans crime-fighting squad. One timeline looks set to explore the past, focusing on Robin's first team featuring Hawk, Dove, Wonder Girl and Aqualad, while the present-day story will see Dick Grayson attempt to build a new Titans from the friends he made back in season 1.

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One scene depicted in the Titans season 2 trailer showcases newbie Starfire fighting alongside veteran vigilante, Wonder Girl, against an unknown opponent. In what appears to be an early battle for Titans 2.0, Robin's new girlfriend and Wonder Woman's former sidekick work together remarkably well, combining their abilities to get the better of their enemy with relative ease. While it's impossible to tell from the trailer exactly who this duo are fighting, they may be more important to Titans season 2 that their fleeting appearance in the trailer footage suggests.

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As suggested by CBR, the frozen image of this adversary shows what appears to be red hair, green skin and a blue outfit, all of which point to one possibility: Miss Martian.

Titans Miss Martian

A relatively recent addition to DC canon with a 2006 debut, Miss Martian is the junior version of Martian Manhunter and has been a member of the Teen Titans in the DC comic books. The heroine has been animated in Young Justice and is played by Sharon Leal in Supergirl. Going by the alias Megan Morse, Miss Martian is a somewhat sensitive visitor from Mars and is actually a White Martian, only appearing green to fit in with Earth's other martian superhero.

Miss Martian is never a villain in the DC comics, but her first meeting with the Titans does involve a misunderstanding, and this could be the cause of the scrap with Wonder Girl and Starfire witnessed in the trailer. Naturally, the two sides could easily settle their differences at a later stage and Miss Martian could properly join the Titans fold. Aside from the potential physical resemblance, it also makes sense for Miss Martian to appear in Titans season 2, as mostly all of the senior Justice League are now represented in the series, with Superboy and Aqualad also featuring in the coming episodes.

Perhaps the biggest question with regards to Miss Martian's potential appearance in Titans season 2 is why wouldn't the character's appearance have been announced beforehand? A raft of new characters have already been confirmed; what makes Miss Martian so special that she'd deliberately be kept secret? And if the idea was to keep the character's presence a surprise for viewers, why include her in the trailer at all? The ruse was bound to be rumbled by eagle-eyed fans.

Time will tell whether Miss Martian is set to make her second live-action DC appearance in Titans, but the evidence certainly seems to be stacking up.

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Titans season 2 premieres September 6th on DC Universe.

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