Titans Season 2: Jason Todd Actor Promoted To Series Regular

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Jason Todd will play a bigger role in season 2 of Titans, with actor Curran Walters promoted to series regular. Walters served as a guest star over the course of the first season, playing the second incarnation of Robin. Sent by their fellow mentor, Batman, Jason Todd arrived on the scene with a warning for Dick Grayson. Despite offering an assist to the team in taking down Nick Zucco, Jason and Dick found themselves at odds regarding the former's more brutal approach to vigilantism. Regardless, the character proved a hit with fans and one of the show's breakout stars.

Season 1 followed the adventures of Dick Grayson, Kory Anders aka. Starfire, Rachel Roth aka. Raven and Gar Logan aka. Beast Boy as they joined together to form the popular comic book team. Jason was last seen in the season finale, as part of a hallucinatory fantasy created by Trigon. Now confined to a wheelchair (potentially teasing his less than fortunate fate), Jason recruited Dick to help stop a consumed and murderous version of Batman. Though Dick was ultimately successful, killing Batman in the process, it turned out to be a ruse that left the future Nightwing possessed by Trigon's evil. Now consumed by darkness, it'll fall on the rest of the team to try and rescue their friend and deal with a new threat set to arrive in the form of Esai Morales' Deathstroke.

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It was previously rumored (via GWW) that Walters would return for more episodes. The folks at ComicBook, however, have since confirmed the news. They also revealed that the young actor is already hard at work, preparing for the show's sophomore outing.  Although filming is already underway on the second season, it remains to be seen how and when Jason will return. It's expected, as per the original report, however, that he'll appear in at least half the episodes.

Walters won't be the only new regular addition to the show. As teased in a post-credit scene for the season finale, and a brief nod in Doom Patrol, Superboy is on his way. Played by Joshua Orpin, he (and his trusty dog Krypto) will no doubt be a valuable ally. They'll also be joined by the children of Deathstroke - Rose Wilson, a.k.a Ravager and Joseph Wilson, a.k.a Jericho. The duo will be played by Chelsea T. Zhang and Chella Man, respectively.

As exciting as these new additions are, however, fans will no doubt be overjoyed to see Jason Todd continue to play a part in the proceedings. Whether or not season 2 will feature Jason taking some prominent steps towards his red-hooded destiny, remains to be seen. Plot details will, of course, be kept firmly under wraps until the season is released. Either way, the new dynamics and potential conflicts that could arise are positively endless. It'll be interesting, most of all, to see just how well (if at all) the brash Jason will gel with the rest of the team. Especially as his method for dealing with Dick's possession will no doubt veer less towards saving Dick and more towards something a little more final.

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Titans season 2 will premiere on DC Universe in the Fall.

Source: ComicBook, GWW

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