Titans Season 2, Harley Quinn TV Show Premiering Fall 2019 On DC Universe

DC Universe announces Titans season 2 and the Harley Quinn animated TV show starring Kaley Cuoco will premiere Fall 2019 on the service.

Harley Quinn TV Show Titans Robin

DC Universe announces Titans season 2 and the Harley Quinn animated TV show will premiere Fall 2019 on the service. DC Universe launched on Batman Day 2018, allowing fans of the comic book publisher access to plenty of comics, classic content and merchandise. But DC Universe also has original content, including brand new live-action and animated TV shows. The first of these to debut was Titans season 1 in Fall 2018. DC Universe was so confident in it, they renewed Titans for season 2 ahead of the show's series premiere. Since then, DC Universe also kicked off Young Justice: Outsiders and Doom Patrol, but they're also planning Swamp Thing, Stargirl and Harley Quinn.

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For its part, Harley Quinn stars Kaley Cuoco as the titular character. An early Harley Quinn teaser trailer was unveiled at New York Comic Con 2018, revealing a first look at Dr. Harleen Quinzel along with her friend Dr. Pamela Isley aka. Poison Ivy (Lake Bell). More recently Cuoco shared fans' first look at the Joker in Harley Quinn, who will be voiced by Alan Tudyk. During that NYCC panel, it was also confirmed Harley Quinn would premiere in late 2019, which has now been reiterated by DC Universe.

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During the DC Universe panel at WonderCon 2019, it was confirmed that Titans season 2 will premiere in Fall 2019. Then, Harley Quinn will debut a little later in Fall 2019, following Titans season 2. Further, DC Universe confirmed recent casting news for Titans season 2, including Joshua Orpin as Conner Kent aka. Superboy, Esai Morales as Slade Wilson aka. Deathstroke, as well as Chella Man and Chelsea Zhang as Deathstroke’s children, Joseph Wilson aka. Jericho and Rose Wilson aka. Ravager, respectively.

Harley Quinn being confirmed for Fall 2019 shouldn't come as a surprise considering that was when the series was slated in the DC Universe TV show release schedule unveiled at NYCC 2018. Further, Titans season 2 airing in Fall 2019 means the series will have roughly the same premiere as last year. And with Titans season 2 filming getting underway soon, it no doubt has plenty of time to make that premiere window. Of course, to make room for Titans, DC Universe has pushed the live-action Stargirl TV show to early 2020; it previously occupied the pre-Harley Quinn Fall 2019 premiere window.

Fans of DC Universe's originals are no doubt excited for both shows coming this fall, especially since the original Titans season 1 finale became the season 2 premiere, leaving viewers hanging even more than a typical finale. Plus, there was an exciting post-credits scene for Titans season 1 that introduced Superboy ahead of his official debut in season 2. But, considering how beloved the character of Harley Quinn is among DC fans, her animated series is also highly anticipated. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until later this year for Titans and Harley Quinn, but DC Universe has other original and classic content coming to the service all throughout 2019.

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Titans season 2 and Harley Quinn premiere Fall 2019 on DC Universe.

Source: DC Universe

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