Titans Season 2 Reportedly Begins Filming in February

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DC Universe's original series Titans season 2 will begin filming in February, in anticipation of a late 2019 release. Titans was renewed for season 2 before its first season had begun to air, with pre-production and writing of the scripts for the second season reportedly beginning shortly thereafter. The first season finale of Titans debuts tomorrow.

The first original live-action series produced for DC Comics' streaming service, Titans courted controversy from the start, with the release of its first profanity-filled trailer and the first pictures of its cast in costume. Based upon the New Teen Titans comics of George Perez and Marv Wolfman, Titans promised a gritty take on the characters of Robin, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy. The M-rated series delivered upon those promises, presenting a decidedly dark series full of bloodshed, adult situations and partial nudity. In many ways the new show was the polar opposite of Teen Titans Go! - an animated series aimed at young children utilizing the same characters, which drew criticism from comic book fans for being too silly.

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SuperBroMovies reported on when the second season of Titans would start production and when it might air. Citing a recent interview with Titans writer Bryan Hill, it was confirmed that writing on the series second season was currently on-going and had started shortly after the series' was renewed in October. It is believed the show will start filming again in February with the season set to air sometime in late 2019. It is also reported that the second season will feature a full 13 episodes rather than the 11 of the first season.

Curiously, despite these assurances that Titans will air its second season in late 2019, nothing official has been confirmed by DC Universe itself. Indeed, the show is completely absent from the official release schedule for 2019, which DC Universe released around the same time Titans season 2 was confirmed. Titans was also missing from a list of upcoming DC Universe release dates in 2019, though that list was later dismissed as inaccurate by DC Universe.

Nothing has been reported yet on the story of Titans season 2, though rumors persist that the show will take on The Judas Contract. Easily the most famous Teen Titans story of all time, The Judas Contract was previously adapted into an animated feature as part of DC Entertainment's animated cinematic universe in 2017, as well as the overriding plot of the 2003 Teen Titans animated series. However, while it seems likely that Titans will eventually follow suit in adapting the classic story, that will probably come in later seasons when the betrayal of a teammate will have more impact.

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Titans season 1 concludes with its finale Friday, December 21 on DC Universe.

Source: SuperBroMovies

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