Titans: 11 Biggest Questions After Season 2, Episode 2

Titans Season 2 Episode 2 Rose

Titans season 2, episode 2, "Rose" raised a lot more questions than it did answers, which makes sense considering a new mystery girl has been brought to the team. There's a sense in which this episode felt like the true pilot, picking up three months after the events of the Titans season 2 premiere.

It begins in San Francisco, with Dick Grayson and the Titans watching news footage of a mysterious, clearly superhuman girl on the run from the police. It soon becomes clear that, while the Titans may technically be back, they haven't had much of a public presence of late. Dick Grayson doesn't even seem to count himself as part of the team; he refers to "you" Titans, suggesting he considers himself their mentor rather than a member. When Dick finally heads out on a mission to rescue the mystery girl, he does so without taking any of the Titans with him, reluctant to take them into the field.

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Of course, that can't last; Dick made the mistake of bringing the mystery girl to the team, and her true identity is revealed at the end of Titans season 2, episode 2, "Rose". That means the kids he's so keen to protect are now in the line of fire - and meanwhile, another old enemy of the Titans is on his way for some payback.

11. Who Is Rose Wilson?

Titans Rose

The mystery girl is revealed to be Rose Wilson, aka Ravager, played by Disney Channel star Chelsea T. Zhang. In the comics, Rose is Deathstroke's daughter, born as a result of a love affair. The mercenary didn't even know he had a daughter until Rose was kidnapped by his half-brother Wade LaFarge, who was attempting to kill all Deathstroke's friends and family. That served to introduce Rose to the superhero lifestyle, and she soon found herself drifting into the Titans' orbit. The comic book version of Rose has alternated between an ally and an enemy for the superhero team, and her ambiguous introduction in Titans season 2, episode 2 leaves it unclear what role she'll play here.

The Titans version of Rose appears to have all the abilities she does in the comics: preternatural strength, agility, and reflexes; a healing factor; and possibly even enhanced mental abilities, including perfect recall of everything that happens to her. She inherited all these powers from her father, so this subtly hints at the kind of powerset the Titans are about to encounter when they finally cross paths with Deathstroke.

10. Who Is Hunting Rose Wilson?

Titans Dick Grayson Finds Rose

Titans season 2, episode 2 introduces Rose on the run, apparently in fear of her life. She's initially being pursued by the San Francisco Police, supposedly because she stole a car, but Dick Grayson intuits there's more to her story than that. He's right; Rose claims to be fleeing someone who would kill every one of the Titans to get to her. There's a clear, intentional parallel between Rose's plight and Raven's in Titans season 1, which is frankly more than a little suspect. It's possible this whole thing is a trick to get Dick Grayson to trust the kid.

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9. Who Is Doctor Light?

Titans Doctor Light

Titans season 2, episode 2 also introduces another supervillain for the Titans to take down, Doctor Light. In the comics, the first Doctor Light was an evil genius whose powers derived from a super-suit. The Titans version is different, clearly a brutal criminal who possesses the ability to supercharge people and objects and cause them to detonate. He seems to be aware of the Titans' true identities, launching a strike on Hawk and Dove, and then destroying Dick Grayson's car. Quite how he got from Wyoming to San Francisco so quickly is unclear. It may be that he can travel at light speed too; alternatively, Titans season 1 was notable for a very inconsistent approach to geography, so it could just be that the writers didn't care about that.

8. What Have The Titans Been Doing For The Last Three Months?

Titans Dick Grayson

Dick Grayson appears to see himself as something of a Professor X figure, a mentor to the next generation of superheroes. As such, Titans season 2, episode 2 reveals that he's been training the Titans in the Tower. He's done a good job; one training sequence shows Beast Boy training against a blindfolded Jason Todd. While Todd is showing off, Beast Boy's moves are pretty impressive, demonstrating how much he's been trying to master martial arts.

7. What Have Hawk And Dove Been Doing For The Last Three Months?

It looks as though the events of Titans season 1, with Dove left in a coma for a month, scared Hawk witless; as a result, Hawk and Dove have officially retired from the superhero gig. They're now living in Wyoming, and Hawk is devoting himself to helping others beat their addictions. He and Dove dream of marriage, and even of having a family. Unfortunately, Dove appears to be suffering from a sort of superhero withdrawal, and she's been suiting up behind Hawk's back. It's possible her vigilantism is what allowed Doctor Light to locate the couple, given he attacks shortly after she takes down a meth lab.

6. What Have Starfire & Wonder Girl Been Doing For The Last Three Months?

Titans Starfire and Wonder Girl

Starfire and Wonder Girl appear to have become partners as well, and they're patrolling the streets of Chicago, neutralizing Z-list supervillains. Wonder Girl is particularly unimpressed with Shimmer, a light-manipulator who she and Starfire take down with amusing ease. They'd better watch out, though; in the comics, Shimmer became an ally of Doctor Light and a recurring Titans villain.

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5. Why Has Starfire Remained On Earth?

Dialogue suggests that Wonder Girl isn't really sure why Starfire has remained on Earth in the first place, even if the two do seem to have become friends. Starfire hints that she's enjoying living on Earth, liking the fact that here she's able to be whoever she wants to be. As any comic book reader will know, Starfire is actually royalty on her homeworld of Tamaran, which naturally means she doesn't have the same kind of freedom she enjoys on Earth.

4. Why Have Starfire's People Kidnapped Her?

Unfortunately, it looks as though Starfire can't escape her responsibilities for long. Titans season 2, episode 2 shows Starfire confronted by one of her people, who manages to neutralize her with the Tamaran equivalent of a taser. He's been sent to bring her home - and it's clear he expected resistance. No doubt this will prove to be an important subplot, although at this stage it's unclear how it will tie into the main narrative.

3. What's Going On With Raven?

Titans season 2, episode 2 confirms that Trigon isn't really gone. One scene shows a weary Rachel begin to sleep; she falls into a trance, and Trigon manifests around her, creating a vortex of power and slashing at her side with his talons. The pain jolts Rachel out of her trance. She later admits to Beast Boy that she's struggling to cope, but doesn't feel she can admit as much to Dick Grayson, who's more than a little overprotective.

2. When Will Raven And Beast Boy Get Together?

The first season of Titans clearly signposted the mutual attraction between Raven and Beast Boy, and Titans season 2, episode 2 features a cute scene in which the two chat in Raven's room. They're undeniably interested in each other, but are both too self-conscious right now to make a move. It can only be a matter of time before teen romance blossoms in Titans Tower.

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1. Were Aqualad And Speedy In The Titans, Too?

Titans season 2, episode 2 name-drops two other former Titans in the comics, Aqualad and Speedy. This adds yet more depth to the DC Universe world - the Aqualad reference confirms that Aquaman and Atlantis exist, while Donna's mention of Speedy suggests that Green Arrow is out there as well. It also hints that Robin's original Titans may have been a bigger team than had been previously disclosed.

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