Titans Season 2 Casts Deathstroke's Daughter Ravager

Titans season 2 casts Disney Channel star Chelsea T. Zhang as the character of Rose Wilson, aka Ravager. The DC Universe series wrapped its first season at the end of last year and was renewed for a sophomore outing before the first episode even premiered. It was the beginning of an entire slate of original shows created exclusively for DC’s streaming platform. The second live-action series, Doom Patrol, is currently airing. Aside from its live-action content, DC Universe also recently aired a third season of Young Justice and has more animated shows on the way as well.

Rose Wilson is one of multiple characters to take up the mantle of Ravager. She has acted as both friend and foe to the Titans over the years. The daughter of Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, Rose has an understandably complicated relationship with the team. She was created by Marv Wolfman and Art Nichols in 1992 and has evolved quite a bit over time. This will be Rose Wilson’s live-action debut, but not the first time that Ravager has appeared on the small screen. Summer Glau played a version of the character named Isabel Rochev, an ally of Wilson’s, who donned the costume during Arrow’s second season.

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RTF revealed that Zhang was auditioning for Eva, a character who sounded suspiciously like Rose Wilson. The breakdown described her as someone who’d “been chewed up and spit out by life and had to learn from a young age how to survive on her own” and also noted that “she knows how to get what she wants and lets nothing stand in her way. Even if it means killing someone to get it.Deadline then confirmed the role Zhang will be playing will indeed be Rose Wilson. The actress is best known for her role on the Disney Channel show, Andi Mack, but is also set to appear in another comic property, Netflix’s upcoming Daybreak adaptation.

The whole Wilson clan will be appearing in Titans season 2. Esai Morales was recently cast as Deathstroke, famed assassin and nemesis of the Teen Titans. A casting announcement for his son, Joseph Wilson, quickly followed, with Chella Mann playing Jericho. With this latest revelation that Zhang will be suiting up as Ravager, it would seem that Titans season 2 is coming together quickly. Slade’s family aren’t the only intriguing characters cast though. Joshua Orpin is set to appear as Conner Kent, aka Superboy.

The fact that Titans was renewed so early indicates DC Universe has a great deal of confidence in the series. Many fans initially had misgivings, largely stemming from how much darker in tone the show is than the popular animated Teen Titans. However, the series did eventually find its footing, even getting more popular as Titans season 1 continued. The addition of these new characters is incredibly exciting for fans of both the comics and cartoons. Deathstroke and his children are a huge part of the team's mythology and Superboy later became a vital part of the group as well. Titans season 2 may not have a premiere date yet, but viewers will be anxiously awaiting one.

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