Titans Season 2 Cast & Character Guide

Titans season 2 is almost here. Here's a complete guide to all the characters, both old and new, that'll be appearing when the show returns.

Titans season 2 Brenton Thwaites as Robin Dick Grayson, Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne Batman and Teagan Croft as Rachel Raven

Get to know all of the heroes and villains that'll be appearing in Titans season 2. It's perhaps fair to say that Titans' debut season garnered a divisive reaction among fans. Opting for a no holds barred approach, Titans was a grittier take on the teenage DC superhero team that many will be used to and charted the initial coming together of Robin, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy as they attempted to unravel the mystery behind the shadowy organization hunting them down.

Titans season 1 ended on a huge cliffhanger, as the team were overpowered by Rachel's father, Trigon, but some viewers were left underwhelmed at the distinct lack of action between the four titular Titans throughout the first season. Several trailers have now emerged for Titans season 2, and the show appears to be taking a very different approach, embracing its comic book origins and bringing the Titans team firmly into focus.

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Interestingly, the Titans season 2 trailer has glossed over Trigon completely, instead showing the characters long after season 1's finale, as Robin remembers the old Titans days, builds a brand new team and comes up against Esai Morales' Deathstroke. With characters old and new to explore in the coming episodes, here's a full guide to all the cast of Titans season 2.

Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson/Robin

The focal point of season 1, Brenton Thwaites will continue to lead the Titans in season 2. Seemingly splitting into two distinct timelines, Titans will explore Robin's past as the leader of his original teenage superhero team, and Dick's present as he attempts to construct a brand new version of the Titans. In the present, Dick burned his Robin costume, which could potentially lead to a transformation into Nightwing.

Thwaites portrayed the son of Orlando Bloom's Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and the Australian actor had several long-running TV roles in his homeland, most notably as Stu in Home and Away.

Teagan Croft as Rachel Roth/Raven

Rachel acted as the central plot device of Titans season 1, as baddies rushed to capture her and the protagonists strove to protect her. Season 2 looks set to retire that game of cat-and-mouse, and will see Rachel learn to control her powers and become one of Dick Grayson's new generation of Titans. Rachel has her comic book-accurate appearance in Titans season 2, complete with a red gem in the middle of her forehead.

Also Australian, Raven is Croft's first major television role, but the actress has previously appeared in 2016 science fiction effort The Osiris Child, and, much like her co-star, enjoyed a recurring role in Home and Away.

Anna Diop as Kory/Starfire

Starfire in Titans

Now that Kory is aware of her extra-terrestrial heritage, new sides to the character will surely emerge in Titans season 2, with the latest trailer suggesting some trouble after members of her own race arrive on Earth. How will Kory's past impact her blossoming relationship with Dick Grayson? And will she be able to juggle her new responsibilities as a member of the Titans with whatever mission her own people thrust upon her?

Anna Diop has enjoyed a varied career thus far, appearing on TV in the likes of 24: Legacy and Greenleaf, while more recently scoring a part in the new Jordan Peele horror, Us.

Ryan Potter as Gar/Beast Boy

Ryan Potter and Brenton Thwaites in Titans Season 2 DC Universe

Ryan Potter's Beast Boy was arguably underused in the first season of Titans, but he still enjoyed a compelling personal arc, as viewers learned his Doom Patrol origins and watched on as he hopelessly fell in love with Rachel. Unfortunately, Gar has barely featured in the Titans season 2 footage released thus far, suggesting that the character will remain more a source of comic relief than a central member of the Titans.

Cast in his Titans role after an audition for Tim Drake's Robin in forthcoming DC movie, The Batman, Potter will perhaps be best known as the voice of Hiro Hamada in Big Hero 6, a role he subsequently continued on the TV spinoff series. On the big screen, Potter also starred in the 2018 romance film, Running For Grace.

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Curran Walters as Jason Todd/Robin

Titans Curran Walter Jason Todd Robin

The exuberant and immature Jason Todd is returning in Titans season 2, this time bumped up to the status of a series regular, rather than recurring character. Todd's enthusiasm for crime-fighting sees him declare the return of the Titans live on TV, but the season 2 trailer also shows him coming to blows with Dick Grayson - an inevitable clash given their vastly different attitudes to both vigilantism and Bruce Wayne.

Curran Walters has previously appeared in several smaller TV roles, with parts in New GirlToo Close To Home and Best.Worst.Weekend.Ever. However, Walters is also set to feature in Do Not Reply, a high school-based horror venture from Daniel and Walt Woltosz.

Conor Leslie as Donna Troy/Wonder Girl

Although only introduced at the midway point of Titans season 1, Donna Troy quickly became an integral member of the cast, helping to link Dick's past and present while acting as his moral compass - not dissimilar to her own Justice League mentor, Wonder Woman. Donna looks set for an even more prominent role in Titans season 2, featuring in both flashbacks and the modern timeline, where she can be seen fighting alongside Starfire in the new Titans setup.

Prior to Titans, Leslie had recurring roles in The Man In The High CastleShots Fired and Graves, and has made single-episode appearances in the likes of Hawaii Five-090210 and Elementary.

Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne Batman in Titans

Batman briefly appeared in Titans season 1, but this was mainly during a dream sequence created by Trigon in Dick Grayson's mind. The real Caped Crusader will instead be played by Iain Glen. Grayson appeared to despise his former mentor in Titans season 1, but the famous duo look to be on better terms now, with Wayne encouraging the formation of a brand new team of budding superheroes under Dick's leadership.

Iain Glen will, of course, be most familiar to viewers as Jorah Mormont in Game of Thrones, the brave and loyal knight forever consigned to the friendzone by Daenerys Targaryen. Outside of Westeros, Glen boasts an impressive resume that includes the Resident Evil movies, Tomb RaiderDowntown Abbey and Spooks.

Esai Morales as Deathstroke

Esai Morales as Deathstroke in Titans

Taking over main villain duty from Trigon in Titans season 2 is Deathstroke. This DC villain was memorably played by Manu Bennett in the Arrowverse and was originally slated to feature in the DCEU, before plans were drastically changed. Cinema's loss in TV's gain, however, as Deathstroke will be on the hunt in Titans, seemingly as part of both the past and present timelines.

Viewers may remember Morales from his starring roles in NYPD: BlueCaprica and, ironically, Jericho. The actor also recently turned up in the Netflix series Ozark, which has been renewed for a third season.

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Additional Supporting Roles In Titans Season 2

Minka Kelly as Dawn/Dove - A key part of season 1, Robin's ex-flame, Dawn Granger, will return in Titans' second season and find herself in disagreement with current partner, Hank, about whether to continue their crime-fighting lifestyle. Kelly has previously starred in Charlie's AngelsParenthood and Almost Human.

Alan Ritchson as Hank/Hawk - Clearly still jealous of Dick Grayson's tryst with Dawn, Hank Hall is battered, bruised and ready to give up crime-fighting for good...if his girlfriend will let him. Ritchson is no stranger to major franchises, having previously appeared in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies as Raphael and as Aquaman in Smallville.

Joshua Orpin as Conner Kent/Superboy - An exciting new addition to Titans season 2, Superboy (and his dog) were seen at the very end of the first season, escaping captivity. This clone of Superman looks set to come to the Titans' rescue in their fight against Trigon. Another Australian addition to the Titans cast, Orpin is a relative newcomer to the world of film and TV.

Chelsea Zhang as Ravager - Ravager is the daughter of Deathstroke, and can be seen in the Titans season 2 trailer training alongside Dick Grayson. However, Ravager's exact loyalties are sure to come into question, despite her father being largely absent during childhood. Zhang's most prominent previous acting gig was as Brittany in Andi Mack, but she can also be seen in The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

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Chella Man as Jericho - Not winning any father of the year awards, Jericho is another of Deathstroke's children - one that is rendered mute in the DC comic universe by an enemy of his father's. Jericho has the ability to physically possess others via eye contact. Chella Man is best known as a YouTube personality, and has been a prominent, inspiring voice for representation of disability, sexuality and gender in the media.

Drew Van Acker as Aqualad - Aqualad is apparently part of the original Titans lineup, but no one has seen or mentioned him in the present timeline, leading some to suspect that the superhero's death may be behind the split of the first Titans' grouping. Van Acker will be familiar to fans of Pretty Little Liars as Jason, and he also starred in Training Day as Tommy Campbell.

Natalie Gumede as Mercy Graves - The presence of Lex Luther's sidekick in Titans season 2 is surely connected to the introduction of Conner Kent, and may even set up the supervillain himself for an appearance in later seasons. Aside from a single-episode stint in Doctor Who, Gumede's biggest role came in the British soap Coronation Street, playing the abusive Kirsty. She also competed on Strictly Come Dancing, the UK version of Dancing With The Stars.

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Titans season 2 premieres September 6th on DC Universe.

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