Titans Season 1 Finale Trailer Reveals Batman & Robin Face-Off

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A new trailer reveals that DC Universe's Titans season 1 finale will feature a face-off for the ages, with Robin set to square off against Batman. Serving as the inaugural show on the DC Universe streaming service, Titans tells the story of Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) as he attempts to find a life and purpose for himself out from under Batman's cape.

His journey has since brought him into the path of Starfire (Anna Diop), Raven (Teagan Diop), and Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), with whom he forms the titular team. The show also introduced characters from the Doom Patrol, who will spin off into their own show in 2019, as well as Hawk (Alan Ritchson) & Dove (Minka Kelly). The latter served as the basis of Titans' most recent episode. Detouring from the main story (and a shocking cliffhanger) in order to explore their histories, the episode was deemed awkward and proved divisive. However, with over 40 DC characters referenced thus far, they are merely the tip of the iceberg in Titans' ever-expanding universe.

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One character that fans have been eager to see fully realized on the show is the Caped Crusader himself - Batman. So far, the iconic character has only been mentioned or glimpsed obliquely in passing, but he's set to make a formal - if not aggressive - entrance by the end of the season. According to a new trailer, Batman doesn't just show up in the season finale of Titans, but ends up fighting Robin one-on-one. Check it out below:

There is still no official word on who will be playing this version of Batman. A popular theory throughout the last few months is that Iron Fist actor Lewis Tan will adopt the cowl. And, the idea that the character's first full appearance will center on him in action as Batman rather than in flashback and/or as Bruce Wayne could lend credence to that casting. Tan is, after all, highly trained in martial arts and stunt work. As well as saving money, it would add a level of authenticity to the Dark Knight rarely seen on-screen.

Regardless, Batman officially debuting on the show makes sense on a myriad of levels. Firstly, his appearance is sure to boost ratings and potentially increase DC Universe's subscription numbers. Even with Ben Affleck's iteration proving divisive, there is still a lot of love for the character and a passion from those yet to find their definitive interpretation. Also, although Warner Bros. and DC have largely kept their core trinity (Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman) away from the small screen, only Wonder Woman truly lived up to potential in terms of critical reviews. With Superman recently returning to the Arrowverse, it would appear that the companies are, for now, loosening their grip on the characters somewhat. The fact that Titans airs on DC's own streaming service also probably helps matters. With Gotham ending, it would be beneficial for the show and streaming service to have him appear before Matt Reeve's latest script can be brought to life and the character soars back to the big screen.

Secondly, and more importantly, Batman's introduction makes sense from a storytelling perspective. Dick Grayson's journey has been one of self-discovery, and the former Robin has not only been trying to find his place in the world, but discover who he is as a person and a hero. Though he has made great strides on both fronts - like burning his Robin suit - his history with Batman still hangs over him like a dark cloud. One way to move past that would be to battle the symbol of his demons head-on. And, with the fate and safety of Rachel potentially at stake, coming out on top against his former mentor may be what he needs to achieve self-actualization and take the final step towards the Nightwing persona.

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The season 1 finale Titans will premiere December 21st on DC Universe.

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