Titans' Robin Costume Revealed at Comic-Con

A new photo from the floor of San Diego Comic-Con 2018 offers the most in-depth view yet of Robin's costume from the upcoming Titans television series. Although Robin's costume was the first one revealed early on, all the photographs to date either depicted Robin in dim lighting or partially obscured by the darkness. While this is to be expected given the character, it did deny comics fans a clear glimpse of the famous costume until now.

First appearing in Detective Comics #38 in April 1940, the character of Robin was created as a partner for Batman as a way of winning over young readers. The gambit worked and soon many other costumed crime-fighters were adopting young wards to aid them in their battle against evil. Many young men and women have taken up the Robin mantle since then, both directly aiding Batman or working independently of him. The current DC Comics' timeline has seen four young men use the Robin name, with the position currently being held by Bruce Wayne's son, Damian.

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The photo of the Robin costume, as taken by Screen Rant's Rob Keyes, can be seen below. The display for the costume offers a close-up photo of actor Brenton Thwaites' face next to the mannequin wearing the costume. The basic design appears to emulate the Robin suit worn by Tim Drake (the third Robin), with a black cape with a yellow lining and green and black armored pants with a deep red tunic. Despite this, it has been confirmed that the Robin in Titans is Dick Grayson, the first Robin.

Based on the classic comic series, Titans will focus upon a team of young superheroes who are led by Robin. Details on the precise storyline of the first season are limited, but it is suspected the series will be freely adapting from the New Teen Titans run of Marv Wolfman and George Perez, given the presence of Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire on the team's roster. Rumor has it the series will also be drawing off of the "Officer Grayson" storyline, that saw Robin's secret identity of Dick Grayson trying to become a cop as part of an undercover operation to clean up a dirty police department in the city of Bludhaven. It has also been revealed that the fifth episode of the series will introduce the Doom Patrol and set up a spin-off series focused on "The World's Strangest Heroes," slated to debut sometime next year.

The show is planned to premiere with the launch of DC Universe - a new streaming service aimed at die-hard DC Comics fans. The service will offer subscribers exclusive access to an on-line comic book archive, limited-edition collectibles and high-definition remasters of classic television series based on DC Comics' properties as well as the original series created specifically for DC Universe.

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Titans will premiere on DC Universe in fall 2018.

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