Why Robin is the Only Titan With a Comic-Accurate Costume

The Titans may be a team of superheroes, but in pictures from the early episodes of the Titans TV show, it looks like Robin is the only member with a proper superhero costume. After the show's first image featuring Robin, was released, fans were immediately excited, but as more material has come out, featuring Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy, some fans are confused as to why the Boy Wonder is the only one sporting any comic book accurate duds.

As the debut DC Universe original showTitans was always going to be compared to its DC cousins over on The CW, especially when it comes to production value related things like costumes. The CW's DC shows have a habit of swapping out more comic-book accurate costumes for leather jackets and other street clothes equivalents, emulating the general appearance, but not truly embracing the appearance from the source material. While Robin's reveal initially made it look like Titans was going to be right off the pages of a comic, the lack of costumes for the other Titans has caused many people to question that, but there's a very good reason why Robin is the only one with a costume - because he's the only one that's actually become a superhero already.

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Titans TV Show Poster Cropped

While Robin was raised by Batman himself and had years of experience as a hero, the trailers have made it clear that Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy are new to the game. Raven is a runaway, Starfire has amnesia, and Beast Boy - Gar - is just a punk kid. They have no reason to have suits just yet. The question is, as they all join up to form the Titans, will they eventually don more comic-accurate attire? Each character's outfit already resembles a street clothes approximation of their typical costume, but with other established heroes, like Hawk and Dove, also sporting their own costumes, it stands to reason that each hero will eventually suit up.

Although, there's also a question of whether or not these characters even need traditional costumes. Raven and Starfire's clothes have the same color and a similar look to their comic counterparts, and Gar's red and white hoody also evokes his comic appearance. The only one (other than Robin) who really has a functional need for something more comic-booky is Gar, who could clearly use some high-tech or more adaptable clothes that he doesn't lose when he transforms into animals - a gag that was highlighted in one of the trailers. Regardless, with such striking looks for Robin and Hawk and Dove, seeing Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy get comic-accurate suits of their own later on would be a highlight moment of the show.

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