TITANS' Raven Finally Unleashes Her True Trigon Powers

Titans Comic Raven Magic Spell

Finally, Raven's demonic powers have finally been unleashed in all their glory! No, it wasn't in DC Universe's Titans series, it's in the pages of Titans: Burning Rage #2. Fans of the streaming series have been waiting from the very beginning to see Rachel/Raven unleash her true, demonic self. In the Season 2 premiere of Titans, Rachel Roth was finally able to muster her power and defeat her Father, Trigon. Fans expected a massive battle filled with mysterious powers, and Rachel finally becoming the Raven she was always meant to be.

"Azarath. Metrion. Zinthos." Three simple words with massive significance. As the daughter of the demon Trigon, Raven has plenty of demonic power, although it doesn't come without a price. The more she uses her father's power, the more susceptible she is to it. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos" is the phrase Raven uses to call upon her powers, summoning her demonic nature while controlling it at the same time.

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Fans have also been waiting for the phrase to make its debut on the Titans series, and while Raven's forehead-mounted gem and some of her powers have been adapted, she has yet to truly unleash her psychic prowess. Even when defeating her father, featuring nothing more than a massive puff of white light and lasting no longer than a few seconds. To see what horrifying mayhem Raven is actually capable of, DC fans need only look to her latest comic foray.

Titans Raven Comic Killing Disruptor

Titans: Burning Rage is a 7-issue limited series coinciding with the release of Titans Season 2. Written by Dan Jurgens and illustrated by Scot Eaton, the miniseries is the first opportunity fans have to read the story that was first featured in the Teen Titans: Giant graphic novels. Facing off against the "Fearsome Five," the Titans find themselves backed into a dangerous and deadly corner. The group's leader, the Disruptor, uses his powers to great effect as he disrupts the superpowers of the super-team. That is, until Raven's eyes start to have that oh-so familiar glow.

The mystical maven grips the Fearsome Five's Leader in a burning embrace of purple hellfire, using her famous phrase, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" As the Disruptor's body flows with power that bears a striking resemblance to purple Force Lightning, Raven declares herself the "daughter of Trigon."  No one, including her teammates, wants Raven to turn to the dark-side. But it's more than gratifying to see her wielding her impressive and beautifully-illustrated powers. Especially when she's putting them to good use against a dastardly devil instead of an innocent bystander.

Titans Burning Rage Comic Raven Kills

The issue ends with the Disruptor on the verge of death and Raven on the verge of becoming a murderer. Hopefully, Raven will come to her senses in the nick of time. DC Universe's Titans series has more than surpassed lofty expectations, but fans are still waiting for some of their favorite characters to truly come to life. Rachel may look the part, but she's still leagues away from becoming Raven. Until that fateful day, fans can witness the extent of her demonic destruction in Titans: Burning Rage #2, now on comic shelves everywhere.

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