Titans Star Confirms Series Will Premiere on DC Universe At Launch

Brenton Thwaites Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly in Titans

Actress Minka Kelly, who plays the role of Dawn "Dove" Granger in the upcoming Titans series, has confirmed that the show will premiere when the new DC Universe streaming service launches later this year. This contradicted earlier reports, which said that none of the service's line of original programming would be available for viewing until 2019.

DC Universe is perhaps the boldest initiative ever attempted by a single digital service. In addition to offering streaming video of movies and television shows inspired by DC Comics, the service also allows access to an online archive of comic books. Perhaps the most highly anticipated aspect of DC Universe, however, is its line of original programming. This will include a long-awaited third season of the animated series Young Justice and a new Harley Quinn cartoon, as well as live-action series based on Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol, in addition to the new Titans series.

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Kelly spoke about the upcoming series while on 93.1 The Mix's ON With Mario Lopez.  While it was suspected that the first season of Titans, which recently wrapped production, would air sometime before the end of 2018, Kelly confirmed that the series will be ready to stream on DC Universe's launch day. She told Lopez, "DC comics is launching their own streaming service, and they will be launching it with this show in the fall."

Based on the Teen Titans comics of George Perez and Marv Wolfman, Titans will focus on a team of young superheroes as they come of age and deal with the problems that come with growing up as well as world-threatening disasters. Chief among these is the coming of Trigon - a demonic being who seeks to bring Hell to Earth. Despite including many of the same characters from Teen Titans Go!, Titans offers a decidedly more mature take on the classic characters. Indeed, some early reports suggest the show will include some decidedly adult language that would merit an MA rating on a broadcast network.

Details are limited regarding the rest of DC Universe's line-up of original live-action series besides Titans at this time, as they are all still in the casting and pre-production phases. There are signs, however, that viewers can expect equally mature and sophisticated storytelling from these series. Recordings of some of the auditions for Doom Patrol revealed some adult language, akin to that which will be included in Titans. This isn't much of a surprise, however, given that Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing started out as fairly traditional superheroic series before maturing into decidedly different comics, which helped to establish Vertigo Comics - DC Comics' mature readers line.

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Titans will premiere with the launch of DC Universe, in Fall 2018.

Source: ON With Mario Lopez

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