Titans Set Photos Show Nightwing & Ravager in Costume

New set photos from season 2 of DC Universe's Titans reveal the best look yet at Nightwing and Ravager's costumes. The original series for DC Universe has not wasted any time introducing a plethora of DC characters to its world. Dick Grayson a.k.a. Robin (Brenton Thwaites), Rachel Roth a.k.a. Raven (Teagan Croft), Gar Logan a.k.a. Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) and Kory Anders a.k.a. Starfire (Anna Diop) were the stars of the first season, while Jason Todd (Curran Walters), Donna Troy aka. Wonder Girl (Conor Leslie), Hank Hall a.k.a. Hawk (Alan Ritchson), and Dawn Granger a.k.a. Dove (Minka Kelly) recurred.

All of these characters have already returned in the first few episodes of season 2 of Titans, but it has also continued to introduce new ones. The biggest addition to the series is Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman, but they've also brought Esai Morales onboard to portray Slade Wilson a.k.a. Deathstroke. Along with the Titans' archenemy, Chelsea Zhang recently debuted as his daughter Rose Wilson aka Ravager and met up with the Titans.

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Although she has yet to suit up officially in the series, new set photos shared online by Titans Brasil put Rose in her Ravager costume. The reveals don't stop there, as the set photos also confirm what many fans have wanted to see in the second season of the series: Dick Grayson will become Nightwing. The photos don't provide a full look at the suit, but the back of it can be seen - along with Grayson's famous backside.

Although these photos may not provide the best looks possible at Nightwing and Ravager in their costumes, the confirmation that they bring is what will get fans excited. Thwaites previously teased that he may wear a new costume in season 2 of the series, which further fueled speculation that the Nightwing transformation could be coming. But, it was much more recently that Minka Kelly offered the first actual tease of the suit accidentally through a video from the set. The dark and rainy conditions of the video didn't make it easy, but the blue bird symbol on his chest could be seen.

While there is no indication as to when this scene takes place or what the context of the superhero get together is, this looks to be a powerful team. Nightwing and Ravager are joined by Starfire, Hawk, Dove, and Superboy (Joshua Orpin) for this mission. It is unknown if Beast, Raven, Wonder Girl, and Jason Todd are part of this scene too, or if they are off on a different adventure altogether. If this scene is from a later episode of Titans' second season, then it may still be a while until all is revealed. But, at least now fans can rest assured that the Nightwing and Ravager costumes are definitely going to appear.

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Titans season 2 continues Friday, September 20 on DC Universe.

Source: Titans Brasil

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