DC's Titans Live-Action TV Show Casts the Doom Patrol's Leader

The cast of DC's live-action Titans TV show continues to expand, with Bruno Bichir (Narcos) signing on as The Chief. DC has yet to name its upcoming streaming service, but it shouldn't be much longer now as Titans is swiftly preparing to premiere later this year. With the leads locked in, various other supporting roles have been hinted at, proving the Geoff Johns-run series will be packed full of comic book characters.

Along with the core heroes (Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, and Hawk & Dove), it appears that several well-known villains and heroes will be joining the series. A casting call has indicated that Wonder Girl is coming to Titans, mirroring sibling show Young Justice by recruiting some of DC's biggest sidekicks. The TV show's big bad has yet to be revealed, but Trigon and R'as al Ghul are both DC Comics villains rumored to appear on the series in some capacity. In the meantime, another important character from the world of DC has been revealed for the Titans live-action series.

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Deadline is reporting that Bruno Bichir has now  joined the Titans TV show cast in the role of Dr. Niles Caulder. Also known as The Chief, Caulder is a genius with some questionable ethics and certainly walks a moral gray line. Bichir has made quite a name for himself over the years, with his work on TV shows like Absentia, The Bridge, and Narcos. He will next appear in this summer's crime/thriller sequel Sicario 2: Soldado, the highly-anticipated follow-up to Sicario.

The Chief debuted in 1963's My Greatest Adventure #80, but would quickly become known for his role in leading the misfits heroes of The Doom Patrol. The character's appearance in the upcoming DC show is no coincidence, either, as The Doom Patrol are coming to Titans. Johns is already working on episode 5 of the streaming series, and it will focus on the unusual young heroes and their dynamic with the Titans. While The Chief is the leader of The Doom Patrol, he may prove to be a thorn in the side of Robin and his allies on the show.

Castle star Seamus Dever also joined Titans recently, though in an unknown role. It's possible, then, that he too will play a member of The Doom Patrol. Alternatively, his character could be connected to The Flying Graysons on Titans, as Robin's family is said to play a role in the series. Based on the casting updates and rumors thus far, it's clear the flagship show for DC's streaming service won't be afraid to pull heavily from the comics. It may have taken years for the show to make it out of development hell, but its new home looks to be the best place for Titans.

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Titans premiers later this year on DC's streaming service.

Source: Deadline

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