Gotham's Batman Actor Responds To Titans Trailer's 'F*** Batman' Line

Gotham's future Batman, David Mazouz, has some words for Titans' Robin, especially after the latter spouted the words "F*** Batman" in the first Titans TV show trailer. It seems that particular line got almost everyone's attention, including the actor behind Bruce Wayne on the FOX television series.

In the trailer for Titans, DC introduced a world much darker than what many fans expected. Not only was there a lot of violence and attitude, but Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) seemed to have a massive chip on his shoulder concerning Batman. It only makes sense, as Titans takes place after he leaves Batman's side to become his own kind of superhero, but many DC fans were shocked when he said "F*** Batman" in the trailer.

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On Gotham, Mazouz portrays Bruce Wayne before he becomes Batman. But that doesn't mean the actor didn't take some offense to what Titans' Robin had to say. In a video, Syfy Wire writer Dany Roth asked Mazouz about his reaction to that trailer. His response was basically, "Screw you, too," although he laughed when he said it.

Gotham is also a series that has taken a pretty dark turn, particularly in the past season that had Jerome Valeska blowing heads off of people. It's also likely that the show will go even darker with its final season, which airs this fall. There is also a good chance that fans will finally see Mazouz putting on the official bat-cowl, as the series has led up to him becoming Batman since season 1. The story will adapt the "Zero Year" storyline of the comic books, with Gotham nearly destroyed and the government taking over the city.

Meanwhile, Titans will air later this year on DC Universe, DC's streaming subscription service. It will feature some of the original Teen Titans characters from the comic books, including Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy. Eventually, though, fans will also see Donna Troy and Jason Todd. The series will also potentially explain why Robin is so mad at Batman in the first place and why he utters those words heard in the trailer.

Call it a friendly rivalry, but it's fun to see what the Batman from one series thinks about a very hateful Robin in another. The comments by Mazouz were all in good fun, so don't expect to see a turf war between the two television shows. There is enough DC to go around, and both shows will offer fans some exciting premises and stories.

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Source: Syfy Wire

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